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Zipping Blue Doc

2006. 16H. AQHA. Gelding.

$17,500 - SOLD to a repeat client!

Handsome" is just that. This dream gelding will stop you in your tracks with his ‘bombproof’ like nature, willingness to please, and kind demeanor. Looking for a best friend? Handsome likes to be connected and "in tune" with his rider/handler in each and every way. He is kind, sensible, and absolutely a dream to own. Grandma and grandchildren approved – he is without a doubt SAFE, forgiving, and incredibly patient! Handsome is never in a rush to go anywhere, he has a to die for pitter-patter trot, and the easiest 1 hand neck rein! He is athletic enough for a more experienced rider to enjoy, and gentle enough to babysit the most beginner of riders. He bridles up with ease, has a soft back up, stops on a dime, pivots, and will open a gate. This gelding is a fantastic confidence booster, and therapy horse for the entire family. Handsome has a great energy field, I could sit out in the barn for hours brushing and bonding with him. This is always my go to horse for my young niece for lessons, inexperienced guests that come into town that want to ride, and husband who wants to play Cowboy. You can ride him out alone or with a group on the trail. He cruises through rocky terrain like a pro, and is very willing to cross water, bridges, through gullies, and over fallen branches. He has had exposure to wildlife, gunfire, barking dogs, cattle, ATV’s, advertisement banners, heavy traffic, loud commotion, etc. See for yourself how calm he is as we ride him downtown on a loose rein, passing many trucks/cars, he never once made a wrong step.  Handsome carries a flag, will drag a log/barrel, rides double, rides backwards, bareback, flap a tarp all around him, the list goes on …this guy is legit.

He is so fancy broke that he will go bridleless, in a snaffle, dog bone Dutton bit, and a hackamore! Handsome has the softest eyes, with a Prince Charming like personality. He doesn't have a mean bone in his body, and gets along in any herd. Happy inside the barn, or turned out in a pasture. This guy is the first to greet you at the gate, always looking for a cookie! Instantly, as soon as you see his puppy dog eyes and forward ears, you will be smiling grin to grin! Handsome is always happy go lucky, ready for the next adventure!  He has been on overnight camping trips, ridden in parades, and has gone to local shows.

We just can’t get over how drop dead gorgeous and personable this guy is; we just know he is going to ease his way into your barn and become your barn favorite. He has excellent ground manners; bathes, ties, picks up all his feet, stands quiet for mounting, good for vet/farrier, loads, clips, etc. Rest assured, if you need something HONEST and GENTLE – your search ends here. You couldn’t wish for a more perfect horse- he ticks all your wish list boxes! This is by far one of the nicest geldings I have had the opportunity to offer, and he will only go to the best of homes. He is safe, sound, and sane in every way. No buck, coldback, kick, rear, bolt, and can sit for long periods of time! Handsome has NO vices, I cannot pin a single negative thing on this guy, he swiftly passed all my extensive tests/evaluation. He will flex sound, has a current coggins, no maintenance or special care, current dental on record performed by my certified dentist, shots etc. He has great feet, clean legs, no injuries/scars.  Easy to keep, fun to own. You will just fall in love with this boy.  Come try him or we can ship him to you- he will go fast! Handsome is located in Terrell TX.

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