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From Robin's Owner,

"Lily- Thank you for helping us find a great  match for our daughter! Robin is our first horse purchase and you helped everything go so smoothly and professionally.

I appreciated your knowledge of the horse prior to our coming out to ride her. You made yourself available for each time we wanted to come out.

The video you provided was outstanding showing her abilities, temperament, physical appearance and response to a "beginner type" style of riding.

It was a pleasure spending time with you as we tried her several times and a huge thanks for working with my daughter (a beginner) on some ways to have Robin respond to her aids.

After talking with dozens of sellers/trainers and going and riding a dozen horses- this experience was a pleasure and a relief to have a transparency that we felt we could trust."

From Jazzys Owner,

"Thank you, Lilly, for bringing Jazzy and me together! Jazzy is my second purchase through Lily, and I would not hesitate to seek out Lily's help in finding my next partner when the time comes. Lily went above and beyond when it came to taking time with me and helping me get to know Jazzy. She answered all of my questions and did her best to give me the whole picture of the horse I was buying, not just a snapshot. She was patient and professional, very thorough, and brokered negotiations smoothly. She made the whole process stress-free and enjoyable. Moreover, Lily does not disappear after the sale. After I brought Jazzy home, she continued to make herself available to answer questions and to help us get off on the right track. I am looking forward to many happy years with Jazzy, and am so glad that Lily was there for us at the beginning."



From Sonya's owner,


"We purchased our beautiful Sonya through Bonik & Bragg Horses (prior name). I could not be more pleased with that decision. She has a wonderful personality, manners and is a wonderful fit for us. She is everything they said she was & I am blessed to call her ours.
Lily was very accommodating & easy to work with. These girls are straightforward, what they say about a horse is what you will get. In the sometimes unethical world of horses, they are genuine about the horses they represent.
Thank you girls for working with us to make purchasing Sonya easy & carefree. We look forward to many, many years with her."



Rockwall TX-

From Fabio's owner,

"Lily was very helpful, informative and honest through the whole purchasing process. She made it easy and I would recommend buying a horse through her."


From a client,

"Lilly has been so great with teaching me how to get my horse to respect me. She's also given me the confidence I needed to be a great leader to Joe, my horse. She took her time and was very thorough and informative during our sessions. I would highly recommend her!"

From "Maddies" owner,

"I purchased "Pepper" (Advertised as "Maddie") my high school rodeo horse. She is everything I was looking for and more. She is the perfect horse to start my rodeo career. Lily and Kyra were quick to respond and answer any questions I had. The girls are so trustworthy and easy to work with! I am so thankful i met them and look forward to the years of rodeo  to come with my girl!"


Taylor -

From IceMan's owner,


"I purchased Mr. Iceman from Bonik and Bragg horses July 2015. I was looking for a beginner friendly horse and that is exactly what I got! Lily and Kyra were awesome to work with. I told them what I was looking for and they match me perfectly. I couldn't be any happier. He is a wonderful horse. These girls are both very professional and honest. They were very trustworthy throughout the whole buying experience. They answered every question I had and made me feel very comfortable with buying this horse. If your looking for that perfect horse contact them and they will do wonders for you! So blessed to be able to do business with both of these sweet girls! Can't wait to business again one day! :) Thank you both so very much!"


Mercedes Carter-

From Diamonds owner,

"I purchased Diamond through Lily in April, 2016. I was making a transition from English to Western, and was experiencing true horse buying for basically the first time (my previous horse I had known for several years and bought from a close friend). Although I have many years of riding experience, much of what I was doing was new. I had tried very few horses before trying Diamond, but I had a hunch that she was a good fit, and years of horse experience told me to go with my gut. Still, since I bought a horse I did not really know from a person I did not know, I have been waiting for the other shoe to drop. Would my trainer say I made a huge mistake? Nope. She's good. Would the vet say she is riddle with issues and a complete mess? Nope. She's fine. Would the farrier say her feet are horrible and would take a lifetime of expensive shoes to fix? Nope. Her feet are ok. Now that Diamond has settled into her new home, she is showing herself to be the calm, unfazed, gentle horse I was looking for. She is a sweet horse and a real pleasure to work with and to ride! Lily made the whole buying experience smooth and unpressured. She answered all of my questions, and continues to do so long after the purchase was complete. She has been honest and she made herself available to help in any way I may need. I especially appreciate that she has followed up multiple times since the purchase to be sure everything is going well. I would definitely buy a horse from Lily again, and I would ask Lily to sell for me, as well. I believe she truly cares about the people on both sides of the equation, and the horse in the middle. Thank you, Lily"

Jennie -

Stetsy & Grace, two happy girls after a good hack!

Two beautiful girls in their photo shoot. Thanks for the photo Jace - Scarlet looks great! 

"Cookie" & her beautiful new family in LA!

Bentley & his owner working on their trail/pattern work! Getting ready for show season!! Thanks for the photo Bonita!

"Ms. Lily is the greatest! I have bought horses from her and she sold a couple of my horses when I was going through a divorce. It was a difficult time for me loosing my horses but she made sure that my horses didn't just go to any buyers but to the right buyers. Which was very important to me.
She is very knowledgeable when it come to horses. Very intuitive to them as well. She is an intelligent, caring, and honest young lady. She will not do you wrong! I enjoyed doing business with her. She is a pleasure to be around and she will do a good job for you!"

"Fancy" and her owners at a horse show in 2017! Way to go! 

Kodi & his new best friend enjoying a trail ride in NC!

From a past consignor,

"Thank you Lily with LB Equine Sales. I recently sent my horse to LB Equine Sales to be sold on consignment. It was a great experience and would highly recommend LB Equine Sales to anyone who has a quality horse who they are wanting to sell. Lily did everything that she said she was going to do. With Great communication thru the process. She did a complete evaluation of the horse before trying to sell. Took time to get videos and photos that buyers want to see. She Did a great job representing my horse for me. To me it was very important that my horse was sold to a good loving home. Lily took her time to screen potential buyers and make sure that the home was the right home. Lily truly cares about the horses and making sure that it is a good match. So nice to do business with someone who cares about the horse more than just making the sale. Thank you so much Lily, I will be definitely contacting you in the future when I have a horse I want to sell." - Denise, CA

Little Rebel packing the kiddos around at a Ranch Rodeo!

From a past consignor,

"I would like to give a big shout out to Ms. Lily.  Honestly I don't know that much about horse brokers, but when my mom referred me to her after my mom having Lily Bragg sell her horse as well, had nothing but good things to say how Lily Bragg's professionalism and knowledge of the horse industry was and how she has a natural handle when handling the horses.  With that being said, I went ahead and took my moms advise with using her.  She not only is good with both seller and buyers, but she is truly all about the safety and well being of the horses that are in her possession.  I never once had to worry whether my mare was fed improperly, wasn't ridden or just stuck out in the pasture while she collected money.  She always kept me informed with everything   from day one.  This women is very good at what she does and takes it seriously. " - Alexes, TX

Tatonka sporting her Halloween Costume!

"Thank you Lily for such a great experience! Last year I had my first foal on the farm and fell I love with the experience. I just knew I wanted to start a small breeding farm that produced circuit quality show horses. I came across Amber’s advertisement and knew she belonged in my program. Lily was very honest about Amber’s bucking vice. Lily provided several videos and pictures of Amber to show her personality and abilities under saddle. This was the first horse that I had purchased unseen. I was totally comfortable through the whole process because I truly felt Lily was an honest person. She was great with helping arrange transportation for Amber from Texas to Michigan. She even took great care of her between changing ownership and actually arriving at my farm. I am still very happy with my decision to buy Amber and would highly recommend working with Lily to find your next horse. Such a wonderful experience."

-Samantha H. 


Bailey and his new owner Chrissy! 

"Scooby" showing off his new dressage rider! 

"Lily was absolutely wonderful to work with from start to finish. I was able to work with her to purchase a horse as well as to sell one. She was patient, honest and did what she said she would do. She went above and beyond in both instances and her communication throughout both processes could not have been better. She took wonderful care of the horse I placed on consignment with her. She got the price I was asking as well as matched the horse with a perfect home. She was professional and marketed the horse beautifully. I couldn't have been happier and would highly recommend LB Equine Sales for purchasing or selling. I look forward to working with her again! " Tim & Karla Murphy

Charlcie and her new trail gelding "Jake"!

From a past buyer & consignor,

I purchased my dream horse through Lily! He is everything she advertised him to be. I felt like I already knew him by all the videos she took the time to make of him. I’ve had him now about four months & he is the same dream horse I saw on video! The day I went to pick him up, I left my mare with Lily to sell. Lily monitored and assessed her for over a month before she was willing to advertise her to sell. She made sure she knew my mare & what type of owner would be best suited for her. Thank you Lily for your integrity through the entire process! Through both processes! I’d recommend Lily to anyone!

- Chrissy from LA

Michigan and her youth rider, what a great pair!

From a past consignor,

"Lily did such an awesome job marketing my horse for me and she kept me updated on him quite often. I have never placed a horse on consignment with anyone, but I would most definitely take another one to her! Thank you so much for all your hard work and getting him sold!"


Emma and "Calypso" at their first hunter show! Great job girls! 

Sweetie sold local to the area and is now a family horse!

From a past Consignor,

“Lily has sold 2 horses for me throughout the past few years, and I have nothing but positive things to say about my experiences! With big pastures and nice, comfortable stalls both of my boys settled in quickly. I received frequent updates on their wellbeing and information on potential buyers. They were both happy and healthy upon arrival and departure. Lily took the time to find the perfect fit for my horses, which is something that I appreciated greatly. Lily was always honest, responded to any questions in a timely manner, and took the best possible care of my horses. I've recommended her to several close friends and would have no hesitations to recommend her to anyone else!” - Lindsay, TX.

"Jae" and her new owner Jason!

Count loves his new home in Shermann!


From Stix's owner,

"Lily! Thank u so much for helping our family find the perfect horse for our daughter. You made our experience one of the best we have ever had. Your knowledge with not only horses, but particularly with Sticks, made us feel so incredibly comfortable in our purchase. You were 100% honest and straightforward in all the information we received. There was never a doubt in any of our minds that the horse we purchased from your facility, would not hold up to everything you told us. Although we never actually got to come and “ride” sticks, which is unusually rare when purchasing a horse, your honesty and integrity has provided my daughter with an amazing horse! Her new best friend! Sticks was well maintained, cared for, and most of all loved by you and your facility. It shows in tremendous amounts in his temperament towards our/his new family. He is so well trained and has the most gentle personality that for my daughter, they go together so well. He has the best patience and he “just knows what to do” when it comes to riding. You went above and beyond when it came to having him delivered and for that we thank u so much! We will always recommend anyone in search of a great well trained horse your way! Thank you!" -The Zinn family, 10/1/2018


From a past buyer & consignor,

"I purchased Jake from Lily in July of this year. I am an older rider, and I let Lily know that I wanted a calm horse for trail riding that would go over, through, or around anything the trail might present. I tried Jake, and I felt confident that he was the horse for me. He has been with me nearly three months now, and he is exactly what I was hoping to find. I love my Jake!


When I bought Jake, I left a nice little Missouri Fox Trotter gelding with Lily to sell on consignment. She found the perfect home for him in less than six weeks! Lily is careful to match the horse with the right person. She really cares about the horses, and she is very honest and professional. I would not hesitate to do business with her again, and I highly recommend her.


~Charlcie "

From a past buyer,


It was a pleasure to work with Lily and purchase our new horse through her. He was exactly as she described. She answered all our questions and is still in communication with us. We love having “Shucks” as a member of our family. 
The Yarbrough’s 


"Oliver" (now "Suds") showing in Showmanship at a 4H show. Thanks for the photo Tracy.


"Lily at LB Equine Sales was great to work with. She helped us find Roany who has been a great addition to our family. We felt like Lily’s process to access Roany’s characteristics were spot on. She puts all of her horses through a thorough evaluation to make sure they are represented as accurately as can be for future owners. Looking for a horse was a little stressful due to so many untrustworthy people trying to sell horses. That’s why we were relieved to find Lily who introduced us to Roany. We highly recommend LB Equine Sales! The Martin’s Canton, TX"

"Scout" & his owner and their 1st horse show together, look at those ribbons! 


"I am so grateful for Lily's help in selling my beloved gelding. Within one month, she found him a wonderful home where he will be cared for and loved. Lily was honest and easy to work with throughout the process and was willing to go the extra mile to make sure that I felt comfortable with all parts of the sale. She sent me lots of pictures and updates so that I could keep up with my horse's progress, and she also followed up with me a few months after the sale to let me know how he was doing with his new owner. If I ever need to sell a horse in the future, I will contact Lily again. " - Jessica 7/23/19

"I love my girl Luca that I was lucky to get from you. She’s amazing and I would recommend you wholeheartedly!" - Kelli, TX


From Cowboys owner,

"Buying a horse I've never met was never apart of the plan. But I stumbled upon Cowboy's post on the Ranch Classifieds and what can I say? Love at first sight! The ad she created for him gave me a glimpse of his personality and her description helped me envision that horse being in my life! But the video she made really sealed the deal! Seeing her put the horse through his paces in all types of interaction and riding, encouraged me to contact her immediately and inquire about a horse over 1,200 miles away! Lily was not only incredibly professional and communicative but also very compassionate! The sale and transportation she arranged was truly seamless. I was absolutely stoked at how effortless the whole process was! Cowboy was renamed Jasper and he's a total doll. Lily has been available for any further questions after the sale. I'm so beyond happy and grateful to her! I will 100% check with her when the time comes to add to our herd. She's amazing." - Leah, Utah 8/14/19


From a recent consignor,

"I recently needed to sell my sweet mare, “Gypsy”. It was a painful decision but I’m happy to say that she went to an excellent home. Dealing with Lily Bragg has been such a good experience. She’s trustworthy and professional and made the whole transaction so easy. I would recommend her (and already have) to anyone looking to buy or sell a horse.Carol Byrd."  12/16/2019

From a repeat consignor (12/21/19),


From a sight unseen buyer, (12/26/2019)

20200207_090017 (1).jpg
image1 (2).jpeg

From Twisters Owner,

I grew up riding horses every day, then college and life happened, so it’s been 20 years since I’ve owned a horse. As an adult I purchased my horse from a trusted friend, but for my daughter we entered the unknown territory of buying a horse from a was scary/nerve wracking to say the least.

I stumbled on LB Equine and watched a horse online for a while. Finally I made the call to Lily after riding several horses that were not represented correctly. I should have called sooner!!!!! Lily confirmed Twister was available so we went for a visit. My priority for a second horse was safety and trustworthiness for my 7 year old. It was Lily’s priority also! She answered a few questions before we went about whether he would be suitable for us.

During our visit, Lily was very attentive to my daughter and won her over, she watched her ride for so long and offered tips for my beginner equestrian daughter. Lily very much wanted to make sure this was a good fit, she didn’t just want to sell a horse like the other people we had already visited. I trusted her opinion and it turns out we bought the MOST PERFECT horse! Every bit of the experience was pleasant, Lily was honest, kind, and was genuinely committed to making sure we were happy and comfortable with the horse we were buying. Turns out all the crazy horses I rode as a kid are something I would never allow my daughter to ride......funny how your perspective changes when you have kids!!!! Thank you Lily!! Our entire family is so proud to own Twister and he’s been a perfect gentleman. You made a little girl and this momma very happy.....and I think Twister is pretty happy being loved by his little girl also!   6/09/2020.


"Kitty" and her owner (left) 

"Kiowa" meeting his new girls 

after his arrival to Oregon! (Right)

20201011_142127 (1).jpg

10/11/2020 Testimony from "Riddles" new owner in NY!




Thank you so much for taking Target Got Busy (Marilyn) into your sales program. 


My experience with LB Equine has been very professional. The services provided to prepare and market my mare were very successful.


Thank you Lilly Bragg for finding Marilyn a wonderful new home for me.


It was a true pleasure to work with you.


Warm thoughts,


Melinda Placke"


"Can't say enough about LB Equine!!! The exclamation point serves it's purpose for sure! S/he has successfully sold three of mine for me. Have spent most all my life with horses.. they come and go. Some better than other's...always looking for that perfect match....for myself and family....Waited out ALWAYS the cream of the crop! Trial and error! My crop bloomed the way I desired and after a few year's financial troubles came to me like so many other's during COVID...Wow ...hard to swallow..YES! Who would have ever thought we would come across such time's! Heartbreak after heartbreak....losing part of an empire we had built! The time and dedication! I put all my faith in a woman I barley knew ...Mrs. place MY babies in families that could best deserve their talents! I take a moment to express...The professionalism, desire, critique and wisdom that followed my experience with LB Equine!!! My heart at ease that they will flourish with new families! Can I say Top notch perfectionism? Yes! From the moment they left home LB Equine... then to their forever homes was exciting for me to see! They 3 were well cared for and their talents shined! Forever grateful for the experience and I know their new families can express the same gratification!!!!! Thank you again for all you have done!!!"




Sight Unseen Buyer's testimony on, 10/22/2020, from "Juniors" new owner in CA!


Sight Unseen Buyer's testimony on, 10/23/2020, from "Kiowa's" new owner in OR!

Sight Unseen Buyers testimony 11/20/2020 from "Xenas" owner in GA!


Sight Unseen Buyers testimony 11/23/2020 from "Tuxedos" owner in KS!


12/08/2020 Buyer Testimony from Sonic/Chickies owner in SC,


Testimony from Sight Unseen Buyer in VA,


Testimony from Sight Unseen Buyer in WY,


Testimony from "Little Bear's" owner, 


Update from the sight Unseen Sale, "Averys" mom: 


Update from Sight Unseen Sale, "Partner":


May 2021 Testimony from Nemo's mom:


4/17/2021 Update from sight unseen buyer in WA,

Update from Sight Unseen Buyer in CA,

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