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Witts Real Valentine


2014. 14.1H. AQHA. Gelding.

$4,500 SOLD TO CO! 

Everyone can always use a plain ‘n simple, point ‘n shoot, gentle ‘n bombproof basic ole trail riding horse. Appropriately named, “Romeo” is sweet, charming, and is always looking for a cookie or two. He is always happy to greet you at the pasture fence, and enjoys grooming time. Romeo was previously a trail horse for a family. He was exposed to a lot of wild turkeys, gun-fire, cattle, and crazy ole human stuff (tarps, flags, parachutes). Romeo has been rode extensively out on the trails, and is a total point n shoot type of ride. Romeo is not one to think twice about crossing bridges, running water, over logs, and through banks. He is not hot, watchy, or spooky by nature and handles new environments well. He will safely ride out alone or in a group setting. He even has a very well balanced whoa & go, and is a very appropriate height for trail riding (no mounting block required out on the trails!). No lunge prep necessary, just pull from the pasture & ride off!

From my evaluations, it didn’t appear to me that Romeo had been rode much in the arena as he was lacking a few fancy buttons. We have been working on collection, and Romeo has been recently started under dressage tack as well. Romeo would make a stellar Pony Club candidate with some more finishing in the arena, or, could possibly go the rope/barrel horse route too. Whilst Romeo has been a putt – putt family/trail pony, I do believe he is athletic and fancy enough of a mover to be a performance/show horse with more finishing.

In case you missed it, mother nature decided to rain on Texas for 3 weeks straight, leaving much of our property a glorified lake. Romeo was in a stall for much of this frog choker, and due to this, I can happily attest how gentle and quiet Romeo stays without much riding.  He is not a bronc, and has a good brain. Walks straight into the stock trailer without hesitation, no prior desensitizing to any of the tarps or dogs in the videos, stands for the farrier/vet, well mannered, and has zero bad habits.

Romeo sells with a current coggins & papers/transfer in hand. He is low maintenance, simple to handle, and an easy keeper. Not a single noticeable bump, blemish or scar on this gelding. Sound & currently barefoot. Happily, turned out with two other mares and a donkey, and he still doesn’t know where he is placed on the totem poll amongst the mares (HaHa!). This is a real sharp looking gelding that is ready for his next job. Perfect age, excellent brain, classy red color, and incredibly sound. We love presenting to you these gentle, good looking, experienced trail riding geldings. Don’t miss out on him!

*Affordable, Nation Wide Shipping Available*

Romeo is located in Terrell TX. Please direct serious inquires to Lily Bragg, 214-449-8028.

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