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2012. 14.2H. AQHA. Mare


If you are looking for an incredibly versatile dynamic equine partner, “Boonie” is sure to check all the boxes! “Boonie” is a sleek, shiny, and incredibly shape-y mare. Boonie rides around with the cutest elegance and style.  You can sort cows on her one weekend, go camping on her the next, and take dressage lessons during the week. This mare is also such a blast to take out on the obstacle course – she is so brave and easy to maneuver! Crossing water, over bridges, through the hay ring, and over fallen debris is never an issue for Miss Boonie! She is very thoughtful and careful where she places her feet out on the trails, and does not seem to be bothered by barking dogs or road noise. Best of all, this mare is so kind and personable. She stands quietly to be saddled and is a good girl for our farrier/vet. This mare has been hauled around, and handles new environments with ease.
Boonie is very handy broke, she will ride soft and supple in a simple snaffle. You can easily collect her into your hand, backs up great, has a started spin, side passes, knows how to move her shoulders and haunches. Boonie is very well balanced and has a crisp walk to canter transition. She offers a lovely stride, which is comfortable to sit. Naturally, this mare wants to cruise around with a low head profile and rates incredibly well off of your seat. She will hit her stop every time!
This mare is extremely athletic, good minded, and honest. She has a wonderful work ethic and strives to always please her rider. This mare has a motor when asked, will drag her butt in the dirt, and will turn over her hocks real nice. I could see this mare thriving as a sorter, heel horse, barrel horse, goat tying, western dressage, ranch versatility etc. She came off the breeder’s ranch, where she was started as a reiner and dabbled her hand in extreme trail obstacles. Since then, she has been lightly started on the flag and has tracked live cattle – she has shown a ton of feel, and is very cowy! Currently, she has been exercised by a competent 12-year-old youth rider, and they both adore one another! She is a super fun, easy, and uncomplicated to ride and is always my lesson students #1 pick!  She is willing and athletic, and with some finishing she will take her owner very far in the show pen!
After much deliberation, her current owner has decided to offer this nice mare up for sale as she needs a finished reined cow horse for next year’s show season.
Boonie is currently barefoot, sound, sane, and requires no serious maintenance. Stands tied, jumps into the trailer, and requires no lunge prep before riding! This mare has not shown any bad habits/vices and is gentle enough for my novice level students to ride/handle. She has never offered to rear, buck, or bolt. All AQHA paperwork, transfer, and coggins in hand.

Affordable Nation-Wide Shipping Available
Boonie is located in Terrell TX.

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