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2007. 15.2H. 1200#. Grade Quarter Horse. Gelding.

$7,500 - SOLD

“Whiskey” is a been there, done that, confidence boosting BUCKSKIN QH gelding! If you are looking for   a “bombproof”, gentle, laid back, TRAIL GELDING, with COLOR> Here he is! He is wider than a Mack truck, standing a solid 15.2HH, and is 13 years old. Whiskey does not lack bone or substance; he can easily carry a heavier rider with ease. Husband horse, kid horse, guest horse? Everyone NEEDS a lil Whiskey in their barn, he is absolutely beautiful! 

Whiskey has a kind and gentle demeanor, and does not have a mean bone in his body. He has the perfect temperament and brain for an inexperienced rider, or for someone looking to boost their confidence. He will patiently wait for you to climb on, and stands like a statue waiting for you to get your stirrups situated. You just won’t find a better trail mount; he navigates easily over bridges, down between gullies, through water, and over fallen tree limbs. NOTHING fazes him- tarps, cattle, wildlife, traffic, flags, loud commotion, gunfire, trash bags etc. Whiskey has more whoa then go, and has a short easy lope to sit! He rides relaxed, no matter where he is at. Whiskey is never in a rush to go anywhere; he calmly walks on a loose rein and is extremely patient and forgiving to a rider’s mistake.  

We hauled him off property to ride downtown and he was such a gentle soul, and never once spooked. You can climb all on/around him, ride him sideways, backwards, forwards, he could give a careless! He is a total packer, no matter how experienced his rider is!  Ride him out alone, OR in a group – he has a great brain and will go anywhere you point him to. Ride him once a day, or once a week, he will never freshen up on you. Whiskey is reliable, honest as a day is long, and extremely quiet making him SAFE for any level of rider to enjoy. You can ride him double, bareback, in a halter, or in a simple d ring snaffle!  He may not be a fancy show horse, but he is indeed a safe and seasoned family/trail/ranch mount. He has been in the same family for the last 4/5 years, and will be dearly missed. Recent effects of COVID force herd dispersal. He loads, ties, bathes, stands for vet/farrier, etc. Whiskey has NO buck, rear, bite, kick, bolt, etc. He walks straight up to you in the pasture, and is easy to be caught. Whiskey has no bad habits, he is an easy keeper, and doesn’t require any maintenance.  He has new front shoes, shots up to date, Coggins, was just adjusted by my chiropractor, and recently had his teeth floated by my equine dentist (Age verified). He sells grade (not registered).  Whiskey wants to be the next addition to your family! Come on out and see him, his sweet puppy dog like personality will win you over in a heartbeat!  Scoop him up fast- safe colored geldings DON’T last long on my webpage!   Located in Terrell, TX. Shipping available to any state- contact for a quote today.

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