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Unzipable Blaze

2005. 15.3/16H. AQHA. Gelding

$12,500 -SOLD in 10 Minutes!

“Arnie” is such a loveable guy, how can you not adore this unicorn in disguise! This horse is so dang cool, if you can’t already tell by the videos – he is my personal favorite and I will be sad to see this one go.

One of the safest + brokest gelding I have ever come by, in a beautiful classic chestnut package. By Blazing Hot, this 2005, AQHA registered, 15.3H/16H, gelding is the PERFECT starter show mount, youth, beginner, or husband trail horse. He is the unflappable kind, quiet, laid-back, and incredibly fancy-broke. This is a gelding you can take to a show one weekend, and go trail riding the next. You could easily teach a small fry, or any beginner how to lope on this one – he is so patient! I think it is safe to say this one is bareback + bridleless AND tarp broke--Arnie is always honest, kind, and a great teacher to learn from. He has a lope that you could sit for hours, a pitter patter like jog, and an easy point and shoot neck rein.  


Arnie has 62+ AQHA points, and has been shown by a youth rider. He is finished in showmanship, western pleasure, horsemanship, trail, and will move out for the hunter under saddle events. I have even popped Arnie over a few cross rails, to which he was very willing and brave! A true all-around contender! He is always the first pick to ride; perhaps its his easy handle, willing nature, or to die for comfy jog +lope! Just look at his soft eyes, he has an expression that will melt your heart away. He definitely has more whoa then go, but sets a great pace out on the trail. Need to work a gate on the trail? No problem! He side passes, pivots, and has a 1 hand neck rein to easily navigate wherever you need to go. Arnie never took a second look at my graveyard obstacle, he cruised right over the bridge, through the hanging vines, over the logs, and into the pond. He is just as quiet in the arena as he is out on the trails, and even with the horses running across the pasture Arnie remained cool as a cucumber. You can take him out by himself or with a herd of horses – he is not buddy/barn sour at all. We even took this him riding downtown and whilst he did get a lil prancey towards the end, he handled the heavy traffic very well with zero spook.

Arnie is easy to catch and will greet you at his paddock fence with his ears perked, always happy to see you. He loves grooming time, and adores being doted on. He will practically fall asleep in the crossties while you brush his mane. He picks up all his feet, is safe with fly spray, and easy to bridle! Arnie is a respectful dude not only under saddle, but on the ground as well. He minds his manners and is a perfect gentleman where ever we take him. He will cock a back leg and take a snooze by the trailer at day shows, or stalls easily. He stands tied, clips (no twitch), good for the vet/farrier, and stands quiet for mounting.

Arnie just had a new coggins done, teeth have been floated by a licensed dentist, adjusted by a DC, and all AQHA paperwork in hand. Arnie has no soundness or health concerns. He is shod on all 4 and has a small cosmetic scar on his back leg. He is an easy keeper, and is not aggressive with other horses. He has no buck/rear/bolt, and is not spooky. The only vice I will pin on him is he will lightly paw out of boredom in the trailer when not moving but will stop once you begin moving again. Yes, he loads and unloads off a trailer easily himself (we just forgot to film it). Unfortunately, owner has no desire to show anymore, and Arnie has many more good years left in him to teach another rider.  If you are looking for a starter show mount, trail, or family gelding – Arnie is one of the nicest out there on the market today. These kinds sell quick, and are worth their weight in gold. Arnie is located in Terrell, TX. Shipping can be arranged affordably to any state!

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