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AQHA. 15.1H 2008. Gelding.

$15,000 - SOLD to a repeat client in less then 12 hours!

“Turtle” is an old soul, your new best friend, and a seasoned Ranch + Rope + Trail + Family gelding! His name perfectly fits him, in that he always takes his time, and is super steady. Turtle was hand selected by myself for my program and I just love everything about him; he is so uncomplicated, reliable, easy, kind, and comfortable to ride. He is a confidence boosting kind of ride – and the 1st horse type!

Turtle is the epitome of a ranch gelding, with big thick bone, a great brain, and a work ethic to go all day long. Turtle is incredibly forgiving, which makes him perfect for beginners. He has been used in some lessons, and will go in English tack as well! Rocking chair like lope, punchy neck rein, good whoa, backs, picks up his leads, works a gate, pivots. Turtle has been an accomplished head horse, ranch using horse, trail blazer, and guest horse! He is quiet in the box, and scores well. He does NOT get hot, nervous, or amped up. He is the easiest & safest gelding in the barn, not to mention beautiful to boot! When we have guests in town, Turtle is the first to get pulled out of the paddock to go for a ride! He has been ridden by kids, will tote around grandma, and will ride out alone or with a group on any terrain. He doesn’t mind is he falls to the back of the pack, and will also pick up the pace if needed to lead the pack too! Turtle is never in a hurry to go anywhere, but will step up and move out if asked. He goes through water, over bridges, steps over fallen tree branches, and any other obstacles on the trail. Formerly used on a NM cattle ranch, he has been accustomed to rugged land, ranch chores, doctoring cattle, dragging to the branding pit, and has been used to sack out/start colts.  

Turtle rides in traffic, and remained quiet/safe when the train blared by! He is pretty laid back, and nothing much to faze him!  He is learning to “smile”, loves cookies, shoulder scratches, and grooming time! He loads onto the trailer, stands tied in the cross ties, easy to catch, NO VICES, no buddy/gate sour, no buck/rear/bite/kick/bolt! Ride him once a week, or once a month – he will always come up gentle.

Turtle has had his teeth floated by our licensed dentist, chiropractic adjustment by our D.C., current coggins, and recent trim. He has EXCELLENT hard black feet – and goes well barefoot! Cosmetic scar on his butt. Turtle is AQHA registered, however, he is selling GRADE as his papers have been LOST in a divorce. You will know his exact birthdate, and how he is bred – but I do NOT have his papers in hand. Honest, sound, no health issues, and an easy keeper. The Turtle’s out there are hard to find, and are surely well appreciated. He is located in Terrell, TX. Shipping Available Nationwide.

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