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Thats So Suggestive

2017. 15.1H. APHA/PtHA. Gelding.

SOLD for $16,500

*Purchase with confidence! Carson sells 100% sound with a recent Pre-Sale Statement on file with clean x rays!*


Geldings put together like this handsome fella don’t come around often. This gelding is built to last, with massive bone, big hard feet, a pretty head, and a strong physique. Standing right at 15.1H this 2017 bay roan tobiano APHA/PtHA registered gelding is a total dream-boat to ride. Carson rides like a Cadillac in the arena, he is incredibly comfortable at all 3 gaits and has had several years of professional training. You will smile ear to ear on this guy – he is so enjoyable to swing a leg over in the arena. He rides soft and supple 1 handed and will ride around fancy low headed on a DRAPED rein. Carson was shown a handful of times in pleasure classes, but wants to ride with more forward impulsion then your modern age western pleasure horse. Do not let his pedigree fool you - he is very athletic and can use his body.  He rates off your seat, rolls around his hocks good, side passes, and has a 10+ jog/lope!!  If you want something lovely to cruise around the pen on that has had years of professional training under his belt – you will LOVE this guy. They do not make them anymore comfortable/broke!!


Carson is going to shine bright on the ranch riding circuit or at the all-around shows. He excels in the ranch pleasure, with his flawless transitions and rideability. Smooth, consistent, level headed, with a ground covering trot + lope. Carson easily comes right back to you off your seat and has a good whoa. He has been introduced to poles, has seen cows, and has the nicest transitions to sit. He is lovely under English tack too. He navigates around flawlessly and would make a great horsemanship/pattern horse as well.  He is a laid-back guy, has more whoa then go, and enjoys his job. Carson has a bright future ahead of him, and we would love to see him shine as an all-around show/ranch rider performance horse!

Carson IS the character of the barn. He has a huge heart & personality – he is such a sweetie pie and loves attention from anyone that will give it to him. He loves sticking his head out of his stall waiting for someone to come love on him. Carson is a very personable gelding, he will walk right up to you and shove his face in the halter. He is just as happy inside the barn as he is turned out to pasture. He is a playful in the pasture and enjoys socializing with other horses. Absolutely no bad stall habits. Very good ground manners. Loads, ties, clips, bathes, good for the farrier/vet, stands quiet for mounting etc. 


Carson has a recent clean vetting/x rays on file available to view. Purchased originally 9 months ago from a lady that raised him from a yearling and showed him a handful of times. This gelding stands barefoot (never been shod to my knowledge) and does not require any maintenance. He is 5 panel negative. Carson has no health issues, he is clean legged, and is a VERY nice horse.  Carson is decently slick right now, as he is blanketed in the barn/under lights at night and turned out during the day.  Located in Terrell, TX.

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