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2006. Grade Appaloosa. 1220#. 15.2H. Gelding

SOLD in 48 hours!!

Take a good look at this strikingly gorgeous BIG Appaloosa gelding! Hurry! These ones go QUICK!

“Teddy” is any little cowgirl or cowboys dream ride! Everyone wants to take Teddy for a ride, he is so cool! He stands a solid 15.2HH and has a beautiful long mane and tail. When I have an inexperienced rider come to the Ranch, I grab good ole Teddy, he is that reliable and trustworthy. Everyone LOVES this guy!! He is the epitome of the perfect beginner horse for the whole family to learn the ropes & enjoy. He has been a ranch and family horse for many years, and has had one owner most his life. He was an 8-year-old boys’ favorite horse to ride, and Teddy ALWAYS took care of him. Whether that was crossing creek banks, loping across the pasture, going through water, over logs/branches, or down into ditches.

Teddy navigates well on a loose rein through the roughest terrain and will happily ride all day long. He has packed MANY inexperienced riders on the ranch, he is absolutely my go-to guest horse. He has just enough buttons to get the job done, but not too many buttons to get a beginner rider in trouble. Teddy’s middle name is SAFE– just sit back, hold the reins, and enjoy the ride! Teddy has a great simple neck rein, he is not spooky, and is incredibly patient of a rider’s mistake. You could be hanging all over his face, bouncing on his back like a sack of potatoes, or swinging your leg all around, and Teddy would be like “whatever”… He picks up both his leads, is easy to sit, steer, has a good whoa, and is comfortable to ride. He really enjoys this dog bone short shank Dutton bit we have him in as well.

Load him up and go for a trail ride, Teddy is all for a fun adventure and is excellent off property. Want to only ride once a month? Great! Teddy is reliable and will ride the same as the day you put him up. He will check fences, or move cattle around, and always has his ears perked happy to do the job at hand. Quiet with the tarp, plastic bags, flag, can drag a barrel, cartwheel off his back, ride him double, bareback, crawl all around/under him. He navigates over the bridge with confidence and never misses a beat on the trails. We have taken him to the park, into town, and have rode him at our Sonic drive thru without any issues. There was an inflatable blow up sign at Sonic, and it was moving all about in the wind…as expected, Teddy didn’t give a care in the world! He is fine around dogs, tractors, cattle, traffic, and loud commotion. Heck, you could probably shoot around this guy. Teddy grew up on a ranch – he has pretty much seen and heard it all!  You can ride him out alone, or with a group. Teddy has NO buck, rear, bolt, bite, kick, crib, weave etc. He has no hidden tricks up his sleeve, and is always a gentleman. He is big enough for a larger rider to ride, but is gentle enough for the tinniest of cargo.  This sweet boy is looking for his next person – he has so much to offer, please enjoy all his videos!

Easy to catch, stands quiet for farrier/vet, loads onto the trailer, easy to saddle/bridle, picks up his feet, quiet for mounting, no lunge prep! Does great living outside with a herd of horses but can be pampered and live inside the barn as well. Vet/Dentist estimates him to be around the 14/15 age mark off his teeth.  Dental float performed this month, coggins current, recently trimmed (barefoot), and UTD on all other basic care. He has no soundness or health issues. Teddy stays plump off air, and is such a low maintenance easy peasy gelding to have around. He has a cosmetic scar on his front right foot that does not hinder him in any way shape or form, looks like it is as old as he is.  His cute expression and perky ears will win your heart over ever time!  He is looking for his next best bud – are you Teddy’s?


Teddy is located in Terrell, TX. Shipping available nationwide.

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