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2007. 15H.  Percheron/ QH Cross. Grade. Mare


This Percheron/QH cross mare was born in August of 2007, and stands right in between 15HH, but certainly is a thicker built gal who is not lacking in the bone or substance department. She is a heavily desired “Texas Prison Horse” who is sired by the one and only “Big Boy”. Lu is just darling, she is patient, forgiving, and is always willing to please her rider. She is a brave girl out on the trails alone or with a group, and goes over all the obstacles without batting an eye. Lu has mainly been a novice husbands trail mount, but has had some western dressage training, and has also been used in horsemanship clinics. Lu is soft in the bridle, has a neck rein, she knows how to carry herself in a frame, picks up all her leads, pivots, works a gate, has a soft backup, side passes, and a good whoa. She has good footing out on the trail, and loves a new adventure! She LOVES (double emphasis on LOVES) water- so puddles, ponds, running bodies of water, and creeks are no issue for her to cross. Load up the trailer with her and go explore a new trail- she is safe and sane on/off property. Ride her once a week or once a month – she is the same ride every time. Lu has no vices, never gets hot, has no tricks up her sleeve, no barn/buddy sour, and is incredibly honest. Her big floaty movement makes her unbelievably comfortable to ride, and her level of training makes her enjoyable to have a fun ride on! Lu has a fantastic slow trot and will extend when asked, her canter is uphill and adjustable. She stands barefoot with no history of any health or soundness problems! They call her a “mare-gelding” because she has zero marish tendencies or behavior! She can be turned out with any gender or size of horse without complication. She will stall without hassle, but very much enjoys living outside with friends. We recently hauled to a local State Park and Lu packed along my novice husband - and she went over every bridge, log, and steep hill! Even when the birds scared the horses in front of her, she didn't spook once! She has clean legs with no scars or blemishes that I can see. Current coggins, recent trim (yes she is barefoot!), had her teeth floated by a certified equine dentist, and she stays fat on air! Lu is safe, tolerant, and quiet enough for ANYONE in the family to ride either English or Western. She is a lovely girl, always happy, and is a dream to own. Easy to load, catch, picks up all her feet easy, stands tied in cross ties, easy saddle/bridle, stands quiet for mounting, respectful for farrier/vet etc. She has been with her current owner for a year, serving as a pleasure riding horse/ trail horse. Prior to this, she served a family for 5 years-doing her job as a confidence booster, being used as a husband trail horse & western dressage mount! She is ready to become the next loving member of yours! Lu is located in Terrell, TX. Shipping available nationwide.

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