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Step Aside Senor

2009. 16.1H. AQHA. Gelding

$9,500 - SOLD

I am pleased to introduce to you, a unicorn, who checks all your wish list boxes! For your consideration… “Scout" is a sensible, handsome, loving, and versatile equine partner. He schools 2nd level dressage, jumps, loves to trail ride, and will ride western too. Scout will also play around on the obstacle course too; going through noodles, over bridges, through the hay ring, over walk overs etc. He has an excellent brain, not flighty/ spooky, and will haul off property like a gentleman. This boy is packed with personality too; he LOVES to play tug-a-war with the hose and get wet. He is spoiled(but respectful), loved, and knows his job 100%.

Scout is soft and responsive in a simple snaffle and enjoys a steady hand. He will rate off your seat, collects into the bridle, leg yields, haunches in, shoulder in, etc. Scout will ride relaxed on a loose rein, and enjoys to do a ‘stretchy trot’ on a loose rein too! He will counter arc, counter canter, and is soft and supple throughout his whole body. Although, his flying changes seem to be a bit rusty…he is picking them back up just fine (would need more polishing on flying changes as he gets them in the front/not the back). I love how easy and effortless his walk to canter transition is, and how incredibly comfortable (and smooth!) his gaits are. I still can not get over the quality of mover this boy is- he simply floats! If you are looking for a warmblood quality of horse, on a quarter horse budget…this is your perfect compromise!

He is 100% husband proof ( tested and wife approved!! ) and will also pack youth riders around (trainer supervised). This gelding would thrive in a show barn, family atmosphere, or lesson program. Scout is as honest and uncomplicated as they come – he is a trainers’ dream horse, and would work for most any client. Scout has NO hidden tricks or bad habits up his sleeve. His owner regularly did versatile natural horsemanship ground work with him and hauled to off property trail rides. We can not find anything to faze this gelding, he is fine with; tarps, 4-wheelers, tractors, dogs, cattle, construction work(saws, drills), gun fire, clippers, umbrellas etc.  Did I mention he has a good quiet brain??

Dressage was the main area of focus for his owner; however, she also did play around with grid work. Scout has jumped up to 2’6”, with room and scope to go higher. He is very thoughtful and has great form over a fence. Check back on his webpage soon for a jumping video, we will plan to make one if not sold beforehand. Due to lack of time(mom life), Scout has never been shown but has the training and brain to easily start his show career now! He is as laid back as they come, eager to please, kind and personable. Right now, a total barn favorite.

This lovely gelding has been amateur owned by the same owner for 6+ years. Given this, we know his full history, as he was originally purchased from his breeder. It has been a very tough decision to let Scout go, however, owner is pregnant and will have limited time. This boy is certainly one special unicorn, absolutely worth his weight in gold – we will vet out buyers thoroughly. Excellent home that will provide many photo/updates in the years to come is a MUST!

Scout has never taken a lame step, 100% sound, shod all the way around (excellent black big feet), no scars/bumps/windpuffs etc, clean legged, very sane, coggins/paperwork in order, and current on all vet care. He does have a small sarcoid by his eye, it has been checked by a vet and does not affect him at all(benign), purely cosmetic. He turns out great with a herd of horses, trailers well, stands quietly for vet/farrier, quietly clips, comes straight up to you in the pasture, easy in a stall, absolutely zero dangerous/bad habits.  This horse is not a bronc and will ride gentle once a month or 5 times a week. No lunge prep needed – pull from the pasture, get on and go! Although, in the winter-time he enjoys more turn out time to get his silly’s out.

As a professional equine broker, I can appreciate when horses like Scout come into my barn to be sold. This is a really nice gelding, and they rarely come up for sale. He has been so enjoyable to ride…really, a fun and easy type of ride. He is the perfect balance between push and go- therefore, I can see him working for a wide variety of riders. There has not been a single thing I have had to tune on/fix with him. I have put my own lesson students and (very) inexperienced hubby on him…and he was without a doubt, so gentle and forgiving. Please watch every aspect of his videos to truly appreciate this guy. He won’t be on the market long.

Could you be his next best friend?? >> direct serious inquires to Lily Bragg 214-449-8028.

*Affordable Nation-Wide Shipping Available*

Scout is located in Terrell TX.

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