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2008. Grade. Palomino QH. 14.3H. 950#. Gelding. 

$6,000 - SOLD in 2 days!

If you are looking for a solid, seasoned, quiet, been - there - done that, ‘never in a hurry’ ranch/trail partner “Simon” is sure to fit the bill. Simon is looking for his next adventure, his calm and cool demeanor makes him a trusty steed for any trail setting. This palomino gelding was born in 2008, stands 14.3HH, and is a healthy 950#. He is the perfect size for a child or adult to comfortably get on/off of.  He has commonly been exposed to cattle, barking dogs, goats, wildlife, traffic, tractors, loud commotion, tarps/banners/flags/umbrellas, crazy human shenanigans, and is NOT spooky.  He rides quiet and confidently and is never in a rush to go anywhere.

I cannot find a single thing that worries this gelding, he has a great ranch-y type of mindset! He has been put through all my tests, and passes with flying colors. The girls have done cartwheels off him, drug barrels off him, jumped on him bareback and ridden him up to the barn, cannon balled off his hind end into the pond, and have trail ridden him all over. Crossing bridges, trotting through ponds, between gullies, and over fallen logs is never a difficult task for Simon.  He happily will ride out alone, with a friend, in the front or back.

He is never one to argue when there is a job at hand. Simon easily navigates with a loose neck rein, and is very sure footed out on the trail. Simon prefers to leisurely trail ride with his head hung low, however, when asked he will lope. His gaits are smooth, slow, and pokey and that’s the way he prefers it.  In his earlier years, he was used on a dude ranch and was roped off of. He is quiet to the rope and has no problem dragging a cow to the branding pit. I was told he is quiet in the box and can rope both ends, but I do not rope and therefore do not have videos of him roping live cattle.

Simon has the coolest personality- he LOVES to splash around in the water, neck scratches, and Mrs Pasture Cookies.  He truly is such a sweetie -pie and loves grooming time! Simon has excellent ground manners, and is respectful of one’s space. He is SAFE for anyone to handle, ride, be around. If you call out “Si-Si” in the pasture he will perk his ears and come trotting over to the fence for love. Simon is easy for the vet/farrier, stands quiet to saddle, is a gentleman for mounting, and loads up onto any trailer easily. He has no stable vices but is happiest turned out in the pasture with his buddies.

He has a current coggins, shots/dental/de-worming is on file/UTD, barefoot trimming. Simon is turned out with others and is an easy keeper on hay.   I sold Simon 8 months ago to a family who ADORES him, but with the recent effects of COVID they are needing to liquidate assets. Sadly,  he must find his way into another loving family. Simon was their go-to horse for their kids, and enjoyed the affection given to him. He has not been passed around, and has been well loved/cared for. There are no health/soundness issues and he does not receive any special maintenance. He sells grade (no papers).


Please, be sure to watch all his videos and truly appreciate how easy, tolerant, quiet, and FUN this boy is. With a puppy dog like personality, he is sure to become your next best friend! A wonderful home is a must, as I like to stay in touch with my clients. Of course, affordable nation-wide shipping is available… send us your zip code for a quote! 

Simon is located in Terrell, TX. 214-449-8028.

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