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2006. 15H. Quarter Horse. Gelding.

$8,500- SOLD congrats Margaret on your new dressage/trail horse!

“Shucks” is well liked by anyone who meets him. Not a single person has passed by his stall and not noticed him. His charming personality, gorgeous dappled coat, respectful ground manners, and kind eyes really complete the package. He is just lovely to have in the barn; and a barn favorite! Shucks is so incredibly versatile and we are pleased to offer him for your consideration. I wish they all had this elegant, docile, and kind presence like this exceptional gelding has.

Shucks has extensive natural horsemanship training. His owner often did clinics at the Clinton Anderson Ranch with Shucks. He is very in tune with a rider/handler’s body language both under saddle and on the ground. Shucks enjoys a rider that has soft steady aides, a good seat, and quiet hands. I would consider him fancy broke; he will go in a bosal, snaffle, or full bridle. Rates off your seat, has a great whoa, side passes, counter arcs, pivots, backs, and works a gate. He has a great understanding of how to be soft and supple in the bridle and throughout his body. Wonderful and well balanced three gaits that are comfortable to sit. Shucks is so fun and graceful to ride. He will guide around one handed but prefers to be a two-handed kind of ride; western or classical dressage would be something he will excel at. Shucks previously has experience doing horsemanship clinics, sorting cows, being used as a turn back horse, dragging calves to the branding pit, checking fences on the ranch, and trail riding. 

Shucks rides quiet and stays focused even with loud distractions around him. Crack a bull whip off of him, swing a rope, or flog him with the tarp- he does not mind one bit. He rides wonderfully in new places and is by nature very laid back. Although he is aware and in tune with his surroundings, I would not consider him a deadhead. He is a happy boy, safe to handle (no kick/no bite), does not need any lunge prep. Shucks will ride honest whether he is ridden six days a week or six times a year. The biggest thing that I love about this boy is how soft and sweet he is. Although he is a good boy and doesn’t have a mean bone in his body, he is best enjoyed by a rider that is light in the contact. I could see a youth getting along with him, if they were proficient and quiet with their hand and leg aids.

Shucks is very sound, requires no injection maintenance, great black feet, has no vices, and is an easy keeper. He is low man on the totem poll in a herd of horses and is currently happily turned out with our mares. He stalls, pastures, loads, stands tied, and can easily be caught. Shucks is shod all the way around, has a current dental on record, UTD on coggins/deworming/vaccines etc. He sells with no registration papers, although I was told he had them at some point but have been misplaced. It’s a very hard decision for his owner to offer him for sale, as he was her first horse and owned him for 6+ years. However, she is shifting her focus to showing in the Appaloosa industry. I genuinely have nothing negative to say about him, and do not mind if he sticks around for a little bit as I am having quite an enjoyable time with him. I have not found a single flaw in this horse. A well screened out home is a must for this gem, his happiest is most important to both the owner and I.

*Shucks is located in Terrell TX. We can help with the coordination of affordable nationwide shipping.  *

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