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2007. 13.3H. Grade- QH. Gelding


The COOLEST SAFEST large pony on the market– finished ranch/rope/obstacle/trail horse. Check this guy out!

“Shorty” is a one in a million type of pony with his been there - done that personality & kind/gentle demeanor. I do not have a single negative thing to say about this little fella. Everything about him is perfect, and if I had a young kid he would stay in my barn permanently because every kiddo wants and should own a pony as cool as Shorty!! Shorty has logged so many outside riding miles in all sorts of terrain and is very sure footed. He has seen the wild turkeys, deer, pushed cattle, and has even drug calves to the branding pit. He has roped both head/heel side, and has been hauled all over. This boy will seriously walk a hole in the ground, phenomenal mind = phenomenal fun trail horse. He has been rode in parades, hauled to playdays, gone to ropings, and has been used around the ranch doing chores.

This little dude is HANDY and is always on point. Rides around fancy broke one handed in a big boy bridle on a loose rein, or will collect up and direct rein. Works a gate, punchy whoa, responsive yet forgiving to leg aids, has a joy stick neck rein, backs, pivots, side passes, all that fancy stuff. Shorty has passed ALL my evaluation tests 100%, he came to me in his raw element( not being rode for 6 months ) and he proved to me how seasoned/gentle he is. Will cruise through the obstacle course, step into the stock pond, walk down the road with traffic driving by, and will ride out alone or with a group! I can happily attest to how gentle and quiet he will ride off with much time off. NO buck, rear, bolt, silliness, spookiness etc. He is WORTH HIS WEIGHT IN GOLD X4!!

He stands a solid stout 13.3 hands, and if you ask me that’s the perfect height for an older lady to hop on/off of out on the trails. Or, if you are like me (5’.7”) and just like being closer to the ground, Haha! He is small and gentle enough for a young child to handle all by themselves, the kids love to catch him out in the field and ride him back up to the barn double, bareback, in a halter. He is easy to catch and will lower his head for the halter. His manners, mind, and training are all impeccable.

Sound, clean legged, not a blemish on this guy, and current on coggins/dental/shots. He stands barefoot and can live inside or out. One of the most low maintenance horses ever. Loads and hauls easy and stands for the farrier. No bad habits. Can stand tied all day long. Very sweet, affectionate, and laid back type of gelding. Easy for most anyone to get along with, he won’t tire you out plugging along but also wont take you water skiing behind the reins –rides just right, in the middle. He is always happy to see his human, and has a great work ethic.

For the last few years he has been teaching young kids how to ride (6 and 9 years of age). They handle him all by themselves and he does not take a wrong step when packing around a kiddo. Cheerleading has taken precedence in the girls life, therefore Shorty needs to become a member of another family that will cherish him as much as they did. So many good things to say about this gelding, truly a saint. He will be your best friend, confidence booster, and barn favorite. Come check him out, you won’t drive home with an empty trailer.


Please excuse the fact that it is raining in 70% of the sale video, and the arena is saturated. We made do with the current rain situation. More videos coming soon, when weather permits(if not sold before hand) :)


*Affordable, Nation Wide Shipping Available*

Shorty is located in Terrell TX. Please direct serious inquires to Lily Bragg, 214-449-8028.

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