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2011. 14.1H. QH/Haflinger. Gelding

$20,000 - SOLD in 5 days!

Ponies are easy to come by; but GOOD ponies are 1 in a million. “Sherman” is 1 in a million.  Hold up, don’t click off because he is a “pony” – Sherman is built STOUT and THICK. He is large enough for grown adults to ride, but safe enough for a kid to learn the ropes on too! More like, he is the ideal height for easy hop on/off out on the trails + ranch! This 10-year-old, 14.1H, & chromed up flashy roan gelding is a QH/ Haflinger cross. He never ceases to amaze us with all that we ask of him. He is a people pleaser, with a heart of gold! If you are looking for a safe, reliable, and consistent ride – Sherman’s got you covered. He has a resume longer than most millennials and has a work ethic better than a one-armed paper hanger.

Sherman has been used to work the stock houses under the Las Vegas lights at the Thomas & Mack NFR, bringing up the bucking stock and roping steers. He has been used for many years in rough country up in Bozeman, MT doctoring, dragging calves to the branding pit, and sorting mamas/babies. He has been used for Ranch Rodeos, for a 6 year old little girl who has done the barrels/poles and goat event! You can even shag bulls off him, hazed in the bull dogging, and pick up the bucking horses off him. You can haul him anywhere you would like and he will ALWAYS be on his best behavior. He has trail ridden hundreds upon hundreds of miles in the Mountains and Woods, and loves to see new Country! Sherman has been heeled, calf roped, and breakaway off of and is so punchy. He handles like a big horse, and gives you 150% each and every ride. Sherman has been used a little for mounted shooting, and handled the gunfire + crowd like it was a walk in the park. This pony is just incredible – always willing to try new things without hesitation!

Whatever job or task you need accomplished, Sherman shows up and gives it his very best. He is small, but oh so very mighty, with a fantastic attitude. He has such a loving personality and always has his ears perked. He truly loves what he does, and will be someone’s best friend. Our idea of a SOLID BROKE pony is one that has been – there- done-that and has been put to the test in real situations. Sherman surpassed ALL our evaluations – this is probably one of the nicest ponies we have had the opportunity to offer to date. He will do everything you need to out on the Ranch, is seasoned out in the roughest country trail riding, and is versatile enough to literally do anything with. From Junior Rodeos – Parades- to trail rides- to pony club! We tried English with him, to which he was absolutely adorable!! He framed up cute & pointed his little toes at the trot. He is a good enough mover and is soft enough in the face to pack around 1st level dressage easily! Sherman is honest, quiet, gentle, and has NO VICES. He has N-E-V-E-R offered to buck, rear, kick out, spook. He has had the tarp + flag carried off of him and is as solid as they come. He will ride out alone or with a group, and isn’t riddled with sour pony habits! This guy is straight forward, with zero tricks up his sleeve. He is a punchy pony that shows up to work each day, and will go all day long happily. He is not hot, stupid, or dangerous in anyway. If you can sit up in the saddle, hold the reins, you can ride Sherman. He is very easy to get along with, and would be the perfect addition to any family.

We surely pamper our horses here! Sherman just had his teeth done by a licensed dentist, adjusted by our DC, recently trimmed, current coggins, and is an easy keeper. He loads, stands tied, picks up his feet, quiet for mounting, and has superb ground manners. Sherman has no soundness issues or health issues. He is currently barefoot, but on the Ranch was shod. I have not found a single blemish on his body/legs. You won’t find another pony like Sherman! Sherman is located in Terrell, TX. Shipping can be arranged to any state affordably.

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