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2008. 15.2H. Grade/Paint. Gelding

$6,500 SOLD!!

Trail & Ranch Gelding Deluxe! Maybe the next addition to your family?


With a name like “Scooby Doo” you just know this is going to be a cool horse! I cannot say enough fantastic things about this gelding as he continues to amaze me. This gelding is thick boned, well put together, and gentle for anyone to handle.  “Scooby” is a fabulous trail & ranch gelding – with tons of outside riding miles logged in his resume. He is a simple point and shoot type of ride and is always willing to please. Scooby is not a spooky horse by nature. This is the type you can stand on and crack a bull whip and he will not move a bit.

I have hauled this gelding to new environments and recently had my young student use him in a cowboy obstacle clinic – he was fabulous (with no prior desensitizing to the obstacles). I could see this gelding making somebody a fabulous weekend trail blazer, working equitation, western dressage, or ranch versatility horse. Scooby has also been ridden English and when asked has a very nice big stride.

Any confident rider that can hold the reins can ride this gelding! I have had my advanced lesson kids on him and he has no tricks up his sleeve. This is the type of gelding that you can turn out for a year and bring back up and he will ride off and not miss a beat. No hump, buck, rear, bolt, or any other funny business.

Scooby is incredibly comfy with a smoother then glass lope and is easy to collect into a beautiful frame. Scooby has a great stop on him, will work a gate, will ride out alone or in a group, and has experience pushing cattle on the ranch. Scooby is quiet to the rope and does not get in a panic when caught in a bind. He has drug cattle to the branding pit and knows a hard days work.

This gelding has keen intelligence and a desirable disposition for anyone to enjoy. Scooby is a sweet natured gelding and has excellent ground manners and will stand quietly for the farrier. Turns out well with my herd of horses and is easy to catch. Current coggins, teeth recently floated 11/20/17, and feet trimmed 11/27 – he is ready to go. No maintenance/ health concerns.


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