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2007. 13H. Quarter Pony. Mare.

$10,000- SOLD!

Oh so FLUFFY! “Penny” is seriously cute as a button. If your kids don’t want a “Boring” pony – they need Penny the pony – she is just so cool!

Penny is trained to bow & lay down – she can also go English, Western, give lessons, do the playday patterns, and trail ride! Penny has a thick “Quarter pony” build to her – she is the perfect size for a small adult, or a youth to hop on and go. She is incredibly fluffy and velvet soft right now - she is just precious!!! She stands 13H, and ages 14-15 years off her teeth. Penny the pony has the cutest little trot to learn to sit or post on, and a very fun + smooth canter! She nails her stop every time on “whoa” and has a started turn-around ( just a little reiner pony in the making )! This pony is for the kids that love swimming in the pond on a hot summer day, and for the kids that want to invite all their friends for “pony rides” around the pasture! She is for the kids that are fearless and want to have a BLAST and a best friend! She loves to adventure, see new places, and splash around in the pond! Penny is safe, reliable, and trustworthy. Your kids will get many years out of her, and they will not outgrow her - as she fits a variety of riders!

She has NO buck, hump up, or bronc to her. You can cart wheel off her, backflip off her, climb all over, around, and under her – she is gentle in every which way. Penny is so intelligent, and has a very nice handle on her. She collects into the bridle, and goes around cute in a frame. You can also guide her around 1 handed! Penny is ready to be your childs next “step up” mount, she is not one you have to kick/spank to go – and she certainly loves to work. She naturally has a great mind, and mastered our obstacle course first time around! Walking over the teeter totter, big bridge, vines hanging off the trees, and over the logs was a piece of cake for her!

Penny is well exposed to cattle, dogs, and tractors, and more! She could careless about the tarp/ flag/ bouncy ball – and is not the nervous/jiggy type! She loves attention + cookies - and she gives the biggest fluffiest cuddles! Penny stands tied, loads onto the trailer, and can be handled by kids from the ground to the saddle. Penny is up to date on coggins, shots, farrier, sound – no maintenance, just had her teeth done by our licensed dentist, and adjusted by our D.C.. She stays fat on air, and gets along in our herd. She has had the best care - and is ready to go!

Snag her now just in time for Christmas!!! What a solid investment for your family - she will serve for all your kiddos big + little!

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