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2011. 14.3H. Grade QH. Gelding.

$8,500 - SOLD to CO!

I am telling you, “Partner” will be your best and safest trail horse in the barn! Been – there-done-that ranch gelding seeking an older gentlemen, older lady, or young tot! With a point n shoot handle this gelding is reliable, easy going, and seasoned on the ranch & trail. Partner is a grade red roan QH gelding, born in 2011, standing a solid 14.3HH. He has a great build, excellent barefeet, and a thick tail! We all can appreciate the geldings that are quiet and laid back like Partner! He is a fantastic first horse for any family, or great confidence booster for young, old, or timid beginner rider. He is gentle and easy for anyone to handle on the ground or under saddle. When inexperienced guests come into town, they ride Partner! Sit back, pitch the reins away, and enjoy the ride -Partner knows his job and is as sure footed as they come out on the trail! He is an honest trail blazer, awaits his rider’s cue, never hot/jiggy, and will meander down the trail at your desired speed. Partner loves to cross water, navigates over bridges, down in gullies, and over fallen branches. He has a good whoa, works a gate on the ranch, pivots, and has the perfect trot/ lope for anyone learning to ride. The kids love to jump on him bareback and ride him up in just a halter/lead rope - he is so incredibly sweet!

Partner is very forgiving, adjustable, and kind; NO buck, rear, bolt, kick, crib, weave, or any of that nonsense. Turn him out for a month and ride him off without hesitation! Tie him up to the hitching post all day, and he respectfully stand there with his back leg cocked. He rides out quiet/safe alone, or with a group, he doesn’t mind the front or the back of the group. He has seen all aspects of wildlife, been exposed to gunfire, ropes, cattle, dogs, tractors, tarps, flags, and traffic.

Partner came off a big dude ranch in New Mexico! He has been used as a wranglers horse, camp out horse, and has been used all around the working ranch. Kids can rope and drag cows to the fire off him, sort mamas/babies, check fences, or doctor cattle. He is easy to catch, handle, stands for vet/farrier, quiet for mounting, picks up all his feet, and loads/backs easy on/off the trailer. He is turned out with a herd of horses and is middle of the pecking order. Partner is barefoot, easy keeper, no known health or soundness issues, has a recent dental float on file, and a current coggins. He has an old corneal scar, which I recently had looked at by a vet (record on file)– it causes him no problems and is clinically insignificant. He has complete vision out of it, and gets pupillary response with light on both sides. It is cosmetic only. If you are looking for a good and safe gelding – here he is!

Terrell TX/ Shipping available nationwide.

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