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2006. 15.1H. 900#. Quarter Horse-Grade. Gelding.

$6,000 - SOLD!

Hook up the trailer, load up the saddles, grab your camping gear, and pack a cooler because you’re going to want to hit the trails with this gelding!  “Ozzie” has been used for extensive trail riding for many years. He is the surest footed, point and shoot, relaxed type of trail gelding one could find. Not only did he earn his honors as best husband horse of the year, but, he also has been the families reliable Grand Entry/ Flag horse at the local gymkhanas. Ozzie is safe & reliable; ride him once a year or once a week as he is the same horse every trip. As you can see, the video demonstrates how truly gentle, quiet, and tolerant Ozzie is. He has a relaxed ground covering walk to keep up with the gaited horses, but, will also slow down to stay with the stock horses. He is never one to get hot/jiggy if left behind and does not care if he is in the front/back of the herd. Walking through water, mud, or over obstacles such like bridges and branches is an easy task for this gelding. Ozzie enjoys new adventures and rides confidently in new places. He stands quietly tied to a trailer or high line and travels on the road well.  This gelding has no bad habits or vices and does not require any special maintenance. This wonderful gelding stands barefoot and has excellent black hard feet. He is an easy keeper on coastal hay and is happy turned out in a pasture. This is a really cool gelding y’all and they don’t come up for sale very often.

*Shipping available nationwide!*

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