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Mr PlayGun Jack

2007. 14.2HH. AQHA. Gelding.

$12,000 SOLD!!

“Jack- Jack” is a grandma safe, kiddo proof, QUIET gelding that just plugs along. He is a great gelding to have around for anyone to enjoy. Jack-Jack is a thickly made 2007, AQHA, 14.2HH, gelding that looks like he stepped right out of an ole Western movie. You can shoot a gun off his back, drag a calf to the branding pit, swing up on him bareback, and ride him up from the pasture safely. This is the type of gelding that will slave away for hours, kindly, and respectfully.  I wouldn’t trust any other gelding in the barn more than I trust Jack-Jack- he is the horse I put ALL my guests on. He is solid, seasoned, tried & true; he has been put into multiple binds, ropes all caught and tangled in his legs/under his belly and he remains calm under pressure. He has packed many kids/inexperienced riders down the trail, and is so gentle, kind, and honest as they come.

He has spent years, tagging- branding-gathering-sorting-doctoring-and shipping cattle. Commonly rode by an 8-year-old boy and other inexperienced riders he is patient and forgiving to one’s mistake. If you accidently catch him in the mouth, or jab him with your spur, rest assured Jack-Jack can take a joke! He has ZERO hump, buck, rear, bolt, kick out etc. No buddy or barn sour issues. He has seen just about everything a horse could see out on the trail, and handles all terrain with ease. From wildlife, to a running stampede of horses, gunfire, raincoats, tarps, loud commotion, traffic, banners, umbrellas, etc – nothing fazes this guy. Walks through the pond/stream, handles his footing well on steep hills, sure footed across the rocks, rides down between gullies, and will navigate over fallen debris in the path. He will ride for hours on a loose rein, with his head hung low. He will happily go either in the front or behind the pack, and can go out alone quietly!

Previously he was a finished head rope horse, but it has been some years since he has been in the box.  He is no fancy show horse in the arena, but he does come equipped with a handy neck rein and a good whoa/back. He stands like a statue while you step into the saddle, and waits for you to ask him to walk off. He has pep in his step when asked to go, but will easily come back down to a walk when desired. He steps around good, side passes, works a gate, and can go LONG periods of time without being rode.

Jack-Jack had been used extensively on a ranch all over the South, he knows a good days work, loads himself onto any trailer, turns out well with others, and stays fat on air! No maintenance or prep, just a typical easy ranch gelding. He has all the ranch tattoos on him, and has really nice clean legs and feet. No known issues/injuries, soundness problems, or health concerns. Due to the effects of the Pandemic, owner is thinning the herd, and after many years of owning Jack-Jack they have made the tough decision to let him go to another loving family that can give him the World at which he deserves.  I just had his teeth floated by our certified equine dentist, coggins pulled, dewormed, freshly shod, and ready to go.  It is hard to find honest SOUND ranch using/family/trail geldings like Jack-Jack. He will go fast! He is located in Terrell TX, shipping available nationwide.

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