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Mighty Mouse

2013. 14.2H. Grade QH. Gelding.

$13,500 - SOLD in 2 days!

“Mighty Mouse” was born and raised out in the rocky terrain of a New Mexico Ranch.  Mouse is a gorgeous 14.2H, 8/9 year old, Grade Grulla QH gelding that is cute as a button! Just take one look at his sweet baby doll face, and kind eyes!  His job was mainly to trek out to the rugged land and check cattle, fences, and sort mamas/babies.  With the rough country, he quickly got accustomed to watching his footing for cacti, rattlesnakes, and rigid terrain. He is very seasoned around cattle, traffic, buffalo, wild hogs, turkeys, deer, elk, etc. Mouse has a solid one hand neck rein, will go through water, and will go anywhere you point him. He certainly knows a long day of work, and will ride all day long. He is punchy and super fun to ride! Anyone that knows how to hold their reins and can guide one, can ride Mouse!  Mouse has been used for brandings, sortings, cowboy roundups, and group trail rides. He will go out alone or in a group, and is very easy to get along with! He would make a fantastic step -up horse for a ranchy kiddo. He has the getup and go when asked, but will happily plug along on a loose rein down the trail! Mouse has been cowboyed on his whole life; he is not a show horse. You can turn him out with whatever, and he will mind his business. He is not aggressive in a herd, and has a very agreeable personality.  He will pick up his leads, stop, pivot, work a gate, back, side pass, and lope circles. He is incredibly smooth, and a great size that will fit most riders. He will collect into the bridle, and could make a nice western dressage mount as well. Above all, Mouse would make a super fun ranch rodeo, ranch sorting, or ranch roping horse. Heck, he could even do the playday events too! I love how patient and forgiving this guy is, he is definitely a treasure.  He has roped the sled, as well as live cattle, and handles like a big horse. No vices, not a mean bone in his body. You can catch him in a 1000 acre pasture, he is an easy keeper, UTD on dental/coggins/farrier. He is shod, sound, and clean legged.  How can you not be happy around this guy, he has a great personality & temperament to please most! Mouse is located in Terrell, TX. Shipping can be arranged to any state. ** Update** I had the opportunity to see how Mouse would act with total beginner adults / children and he was a Saint and didn't make a wrong step. He would be a wonderful addition to a family.

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