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17-20YO. 14.3/15H. Grade QH. Gelding.

$5,500 - SOLD in 2 hours to a repeat client!


“Blue” is an awesome option for those looking for a gentle & sound gelding on a budget! Blue is an adorable flea-bitten grey gelding standing right between 14.3-15HH. He was told to be 12 years old, but upon a recent dental my dentists disagrees, and puts him between 17-20.  He certainly does not look or feel his age – that’s for sure! Blue is such a fun, comfortable, and handy horse to ride. He does not have a big motor and rides very laid back. He is the same ride each and every day and is a rock star on the arena or out on the trail. His lope is the best thing since sliced bread – I could sit it ALL DAY LONG! He steps right into the lope off departure so seamlessly and has a fantastic pace that isn’t too slow or fast! Just pitch the reins away and enjoy his simple neck rein, he pretty much goes on autopilot down the trail too. Blue never hesitates when crossing bridges, over logs, down ditches, and he is certainly very willing to cross water/creeks.  He doesn’t seem to care about obstacles/tarps/bouncy balls/cattle etc either – I wouldn’t consider him the spooky kind. Blue has been ridden in Mexican Parades and does not get jiggy/amped up.   He is such a sweet boy, he reminds me of that shy nerdy kid in school who just wants to get good grades and please his mom. He is a bit of an introvert and sometimes will flare his nostrils on the ground at things – he has a touch of weirdo. We have found that when he does this its just his way of checking new things out – and its harmless as he does not act out on it. He has NO hump up/buck/bite/kick/rear etc. He has no sourness and can ride out alone or with a group with ease. Husband friendly with a been there done that mentality. 

Blue is very sound, and is barefoot with great black hooves. He requires no special maintenance and has been great to have in the barn. He is low man on the totem poll and minds his business in the pasture. He is also very respectful in a stall and has good manners. He is an easy keeper, UTD on dental/chiro/trimming/deworming/coggins/and shots. Blue is a sweet gelding that does not have a mean bone in his body, he loves to please and is ready to go to work for you! This guy has no vices and stays gentle year-round no matter how many days you ride him. Easy to load in a trailer, stands tied, and is good for farrier/vet. Saddle up and hit the trails confidently on this guy. Blue is just a great guy – he is very handsome and just a kind guy. Not very often do you find them priced this competitively – scoop him up today! Blue is located in Terrell, TX. Shipping can be arranged to any state.

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