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Mick Dreamy

2011. 15.1H. Grade Paint. Gelding

$17,500 - SOLD within 20 minutes!

Drift off into the sunset, because “Mick Dreamy” is taking you to heaven! Check out this unique, once in a life time, trail riding paint gelding! He is guaranteed to catch all the eyes, wherever you take him! If horses are your therapy and escape from the real world – you need Dreamy!

Mick Dreamy is truly one of a kind; standing 15.1HH, with two blue eyes, and a luxurious long mane and tail. This 2011 model has an extensive trail riding resume! He is super sure footed on the trails, trusty out alone, and fun in a group! He is gentle, tolerant, and will 100% take care of you on any terrain! He is a point and shoot ride on the trail, and thrives on a loose rein!  He navigates easily over bridges, cruises right through creek beds/ ponds, rides down between culverts, gullies, and is careful going down embankments. Not spooky, not an idiot, but I wouldn’t consider him a deadhead- he has pep in his step, and will go when asked. Dreamy is incredibly intelligent, and wants to please. He has ZERO bad habits, pasture to trail with zero lunge prep needed. No freshness, no silliness, no tricks up his sleeve. Rest assured, he can sit a considerable amount of time and ride up gentle like he never missed a beat. Dreamy is solid, seasoned, and honest each and every day.  He has NEVER offered to buck, rear, bolt, or kick out under saddle.  

He has been exposed to it all; gunfire, tarps, traffic, loud commotion, barking dogs, umbrellas, flags, banners, East Texas wildlife, and cattle! We have even shot a gun off of him, without earplugs  – and he was incredibly well-mannered. He will even pop over logs and fallen debris on the trail!

He was originally started with a western dressage foundation, and is very fancy broke in an arena! Collects into the bridle, but prefers to ride on a draped rein, moves his shoulders, counter arcs, pivots, works a gate, side passes, haunches in, light in the contact, half way finished flying lead changes, and stops on a dime every time. I would consider him beginner friendly/packer in a trail setting – and intermediate suitable in the arena due to his willingness, softness, large stride, and sensitivity to aids.  

Dreamy has respectful ground manners, he ties, bathes, loads, stands for farrier/vet, easy to saddle/bridle,  and greets you at the gate ready to go to work. Tidy in a stall, with no stall vices. He is a total lover boy, and gets along with anyone you turn him out with. Dreamy is an easy keeper, recent dental float on file, current coggins, recent trim (yes he is barefoot with STELLAR feet!), he gets his mane/tail braided weekly, and does wear a long fly mask in the Summertime.  Dreamy loves grooming, cookies, belly scratches, and will soak up all the attention he can get!  He is grade, pedigree is unknown, your guess is as good as mine as to how he is bred. He does have a few old cosmetic scars on his L butt/hip and back L leg that do not cause him any issues.  

With the horse economy stronger than ever, we do not foresee him being around long. Someone lucky is going to get a nice gelding!  Owners would prefer him go to someone who is going to pamper him, and go on many adventurous trail rides!  Anyone looking for a reliable trail gelding, western dressage, obstacle challenge, camp-out, or foxhunter will enjoy this guy! Mick Dreamy is located in Terrell, TX Shipping available to any state, with routine trips West/East and North bound.

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