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Master San Badger

2015. 15.3. APHA. Gelding

$20,000  - SOLD in 1 day!

Take a look at this super quiet, versatile, and fun gelding! With a name like “Nemo”, you just know he is going to be cool! Registered with APHA, this young 2015, 15.3H, gelding wears many hats and is ready to be your next best friend. Nemo is a great starter horse, family mount, confidence booster, youth teacher, old lady trail rider, western dressage, ranch riding/versatility, or 4H show horse! Nemo has participated in multiple clinics and horse shows with a 10-12 year old youth rider! He is the “more whoa then go”, super laid back, easy going kind of ride.  If you are looking for one that is safe safe safe, broke with an exceptional handle, with zero spook, and ZERO buck – you’ve found him!

Kids have crawled all through his legs, jumped him over logs, dove off his back into the pond, and ridden him bareback racing the UPS truck up the pasture fence (he isn’t that fast, but he sure tries his best!). He rides into town relaxed, and doesn’t get rattled riding through traffic.  He certainly won’t turn into a bronc, if you don’t ride him regularly either. Nemo is honest in the arena, on the obstacle course, and trail path. He loves a good adventure, and surely has a great foundation to do it all!

Nemo has 3 comfortable gaits, smooth and flawless transitions, and has an adjustable stride. Happily will pack anyone around on a loose rein, or will collect two handed. He can slow down for the ranch pleasure, extend in the long trot, gorgeous lope departures, and comes back to you softly. He pivots, has good lateral movement, side passes, soft in the face, and knows how to engage. Saddled up English or Western, he is surely a beautiful boy regardless of what is on his back. Nemo is never one to get hot or jiggy, he stays calm as a cucumber whether he is at home or at a show. He bridles up easily, goes in a snaffle or a full bridle one handed. Naturally, Nemo is low headed and has a fantastic whoa. Yes, he stops this good barefoot! Slap some sliders on him, and he would lay down some serious 11’s! Nemo is great in the trail class, he never hesitates stepping over logs, over bridges, and absolutely LOVES water! Nemo has had a rope thrown off him, he drags a log like it’s a walk in the park, and is unfazed by raincoats, tarps, flags, dogs, 4 wheelers, tractors, etc. Nemo has a comfortable flying lead change, and has enough presence to make a fancy drill or Flag horse!

Best of all, he has been with the same family since he was a baby! They invested 13 months of professional Ranch Riding training into him, and he has been a youth’s main all around show/funzy horse. Her favorite thing to do is ride him without hands using just leg and voice! She has done everything under the sun with him, and he is always willing to please. Nemo has done his job, taking care of his youth rider, moving her up the levels for the last 5 years now. She is ready for a step up mount, so Nemo is ready to be loved in another family now. I have noticed that sometimes he will lightly paw at the trailer if he is bored, and we just remind him of his manners. No crib, weave, pace, bite, kick etc. No buddy sour or barn sour vices.

He had a recent dental float by a cert. equine dentist, current coggins/shots, SOUND barefoot. Nemo is an easy keeper, and gets along great in a herd, easy to catch, stands tied, good for farrier/vet, loads, etc. Small teeny tiny scar on back leg, clinically insignificant -cosmetic only. Never been injected, no history or lameness or health issues. This guy is rock solid on all avenues. Nemo is located in Terrell TX, affordable shipping can be arranged anywhere in the Country.  

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