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Lords Sheik

15H. 2013. AQHA. Gelding.

SOLD to a repeat client in North TX!

“Charlie” is a stunning golden palomino gelding that everyone is searching high and low for! If you can sit up on a horse and steer- you can ride Charlie! This 2013, 15H, AQHA registered gelding is definitely a goodie! If I have beginner/novice guests that want to go on a ride- Charlie is the first horse that I am reaching for! He is incredibly reliable, honest, and so laid back! If you are looking to sit back, pitch the reins away, and just enjoy the ride – you can trust Charlie to take CARE of you!  How can you not love this guy?!

Charlie has more whoa then go, and loves to mosey down the trail. He is NEVER in a rush to get anywhere, and does not get worked up or bothered over things that may arise on the trail. He loads up onto the trailer and rides off confident & quiet in new environments like he has been there his whole life. He handles rocky terrain with ease, guides over bridges/ fallen logs, navigates down in gullies, and loves crossing water! He is traffic safe, and isn’t bothered by commotion or noise. When we took him downtown, there was a rusty/ squeaky flatbed that skirted right next to him – and he didn’t flinch a bit! Definitely sports a “been there done that” personality – on AND off property! This is a gelding I would trust my oldest grandparents on, as well as my littlest of nieces/nephews. Confidence booster – reliable gelding through and through! He adores attention, and will stand tied to the hitching post for hours being groomed/doted on!

I sold Charlie earlier this year, to a repeat client of mine who used him for trail riding in Kansas! They absolutely adore his steady-eddie type of personality, and sweetness however he is not getting along with their mares/herd and have opted to purchase another mare from me and relist Charlie.

Charlie’s prior owner has taken him on many trail outtings in TX & OK! He has done camping trips, cattle drives, sortings/brandings, and parades. Charlie has a great handle in the arena; he picks up both leads, has a rocking chair lope, guides on a loose rein, works a gate, and pivots!  Charlie is not spooky, does not have any buck/rear/bolt to him, he is easy to catch, and can be stalled or pastured! No vices, no bad habits, no barn/gate sour! You can leave him turned out for weeks, and he will always come up gentle like the day you left him. He is herd dominant in the pasture, and alpha at feeding time. Charlie has a current dental on file, current coggins, recently trimmed (sound barefoot!), and is an easy keeper! He has never had any health or soundness issues.

Charlie is located in Terrell, TX – shipping can be arranged anywhere.

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