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2005. 15.2H. Quarter Horse. Gelding.


Do you know what I love most about ranch horses? Their adaptability, versatility, willingness to please, and fantastic manners.  All these attributes perfectly describe “Levi” and I am pleased to offer him in my program. Levi is going to work for so many of my clients! He is beyond gentle, kind, honest, and quiet. No need for a user manual for this one, Levi is EASY and has not made a wrong move here. He thinks good thoughts and is very patient. He is easy to catch in a large pasture, stands quiet for mounting, easy to saddle/bridle, good for farrier and requires no lunge prep. Just jump on him bareback and ride off, load him in the trailer and go work cows, or blaze down the trail worry-free. Crosses bridges, through water, over fallen logs, and could give a careless about tarps/flags/bouncey balls etc.  Levi is going to carry someone safely and confidently down any trail or in he arena. He is a grade quarter horse standing 15.2H tall, and at 17 years young he does not know his age. He has no limitations and is 100% sound barefoot! Happy to mosey down the trail, neck reins,  and has a lovely one hand kiss to lope off departure! You can even collect him into the bridle and work him in a cute hunter frame! Levi came off a cattle ranch in Amarillo – he has put in his dues as a ranch gelding. You can rope, drag, and sort calves off him. He will stand tied to the hitching rail for hours quietly, and won’t move a muscle even if you drive the mule right up next to him. Don’t want to ride weekly? Great, Levi can sit in the pasture and will come up gentle like the day you left him. There is nothing quirky, hot, nervous, or weird about this guy. He is straight forward and has NO vices. No sourness, no buck, rear, bolt, spook, etc. He is suitable for youth riders, your beer drinking husband, or your mother’s boyfriend’s grandmother.  Levi is pretty low on the pecking order which makes him easy to have around.  We originally were told that Levi was 11, but upon having his teeth done our dentist puts him more at the 17 age mark. Sells sound, sane, and healthy.  Need a safe been – there- done – that gelding? Invest right. Levi will take care of you. I know what I have described sounds too good to be true, but I am telling you Levi is everything you have been searching for. Located in Terrell, TX.

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