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Koda Bear

2016. 14.1H. Grade Quarter Horse. Gelding


The cutest, most adorable, 14.1H, gentle family safe/trail blazin’ gelding! Easy, super smooth, & uncomplicated for anyone to enjoy!

“Koda Bear” has the kindest personality, the most smooch-able face, and the quietest disposition you will love. I cannot stress enough how gentle and sweet this little guy is. He is the same horse every day, reliable, honest, and super laid back. At 8 years of age, and standing 14.1H, he is absolutely the perfect size for any grannie or youth kiddo to feel safe on.  We have not found anything to spook this guy – we even rode him past the train blaring downtown. Koda Bear has been used for youth cowgirl church camp, girl scout retreats, overnight camping trips, fence/cattle checking, and pony rides.  He has NEVER offered to run off, buck, kick out, rear etc. He is always a gentleman and very forgiving of a rider’s mistake.  

He stands quiet for mounting, is respectful on the ground, is excellent in the cross ties, loads/unloads, and is good for the farrier.  He is simple broke – has a basic neck rein, good whoa, soft in the face, moves off leg, and will collect into the bridle. If you want a fancy show horse with cool buttons–  that aint him. If you want gentle, safe, fun, and simple – that IS him!  He will cruise down any trail all day long, he rides alone bravely or in a group. When in a group, he prefers to lead the pack and he sets a fantastic pace. Koda has been ponied many times as well, we have ponied the kids off him and he treks beside a big horse like a pro.  Koda will take you confidently through the pond/stream and will cross any bridge in front of him. He has a forward-thinking brain and has NEVER says no to anything thrown at him! Traffic, wildlife, cattle, drones, flags, tarps, leaf blowers, screaming kids, strollers, etc – nothing bothers him!  A “happy go lucky” kinda dude, not a single mean bone in his body! In the arena this lil fella is SUPER smooth to ride – extremely comfortable jog/lope!  

We have had Koda in our program for 5 months, and he has proven to us just how honest and good minded he is. Prior to us acquiring him he sat in a pasture for almost 6 months, and he never acted cold backed/fresh when we brought him back into work. This is a horse that can be turned out/brought up a few times a year without worry of them doing anything silly.  He has no bad habits. Walks right up to you in a big field. Will stand quietly for hours with a back foot resting, and loves to be doted on! Koda is extremely personable, comes to the fence for cookies/love. This guy is just easy easy easy – and so attractive looking! I have used him for a companion horse traveling to/from the vet this breeding season to keep broodmares quiet  – and he was always a perfect gentlemen off property.

Koda has a current dental and coggins on file.  He does best with a little equioxx/bute maintenance before heavy arena usage due to some arthritis in his right front. Shod up front currently, but has been barefoot and has hard black feet. Currently lives outside 24/7 with my broodmares and he is low man on pecking order.  

If you need a safe one – look no further. This lil gelding is tried and true. Be sure to check his full video out.

Koda is located in Terrell, TX.  Happy to arrange transport to any location.

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