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2013. 14.2H 1100#. Grade QH/Draft Cross. Mare.

$7,500.00 - SOLD in 4 DAYS!

“Kitty” is a beautiful bay roan trail rider. If horses are your anti-depressant, KITTY sure is the cure for you! During these stressful times, everybody needs a little equine therapy. Whether you are looking to explore a new trail and escape for a bit, or looking for a therapist to stand in your cross ties while you brush away your feelings, or simply want a new best friend – there is no better horse then Kitty, to offer that loving equine companionship.

This unique girl stands a stout 14.2 HH, and is wide as she is tall. Kitty was born in 2013, and is believed to be a Quarter Horse with a splash of Draft in her. Due to her thick substance, she would suit a heavier rider with ease. She has a gorgeous long silver mane, feather, thick bone, and is absolutely cute as pie. Kitty is a fantastic trail blazer. If you are looking for a no non-sense -get on- and go kind of ride, Kitty has you covered! There is no silliness, buck, rear, bolt, kick, or bite to this girl.  Leave her out in the pasture for a year and bring her up to the barn without a worry. She is honest as a day is long, and has no tricks up her sleeve. Kitty has been exposed to cattle, ATVS, dogs, gunfire, tractors, tarps, trains, traffic, pool floaties, flags, umbrellas, etc. She loads straight up into the trailer and will ride out ANYWHERE confidently. Kitty has a forward brain and has a point and shoot handle. Kitty is a sweet mare, she gets along great with others and will ride out alone or in a group. Crossing bridges, down in between gullies, and over fallen branches is no difficult task for her. I can assure you that Kitty will be one of the FUNNEST trail horses in your barn. All of the girls here at the house fight over who gets to swim her in the pond! Kitty is the same horse day in and day out, she is easy and RELIABLE.  You can ride her bareback, double, backwards, in a hackamore or a bridle – she is gentle and sane. Kitty has a big lofty stride, she stops/ backs/ and has a basic handle for trail riding. Kitty rides the trails quietly on a loose rein, and keeps a great pace. She naturally wants to be low headed and is extremely easy to get along with. She is the complete package that you have been looking for in a trail mount.


Kitty is an easy keeper, like really -she stays plump on air. She is barefoot, UTD on coggins/shots/teeth, and is very sound.  She has a scar behind her right shoulder that does not affect her in any way. PPE’s welcome, at your expense. She is available till p a i d in FULL, we no longer hold horses. Period. No exceptions.   Kitty is located in Terrell TX. Shipping can be arranged, nationwide.

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