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Mr Hankins Dunit

2015. 15H. AQHA. Gelding

$20,000 - SOLD

Well hello Mr. Fabulous.

“Junior” is charismatic ‘BOMBPROOF’ 7 year old registered AQHA line back DUN gelding. This handsome guy stands a solid 15 hands high, with a luxurious thick forelock/mane/tail! If your number one priority is SAFETY out on the trails then Junior is your boy. If your #2 priority is to have a fun & have a stress/worry-free adventure then continue reading! Junior has the color, personality, brains, handle, and is the perfect size – he is sure to tick all your wish list boxes for a once in a lifetime gelding! From his laid-back demeanor to his been-there-done that personality, Junior really is a fantastic gelding that will suit ANY level/age rider! Junior was owned by a good friend of mine; up until 2 years ago, he had been in this same family since he was just 6 months old. I sold him back in 2020 to a family in CA who used him as a family ranch/guest/trail mount. Their kids have now moved onto barrel horses and they do not trail ride as much anymore – so they shipped him back for me to rehome. Rest assured, we know every little detail about this guy- and it has been a heart wrenching decision to find him a new home. Geldings this nice rarely come up on the market, and when they do they are scooped up quicker than you can say unicorn! This is a gelding that your whole family will enjoy and appreciate for the years to come. Want a best friend? Junior has the kindest personality with the softest eyes. He is guaranteed to win your heart over with his presence every single time!  He has been extensively trail ridden in and out of Texas & California and handles ANY terrain like a pro! He will take lead and will bravely go through literally ANY obstacle on the trails alone or with a group. Don’t like a slow pokey horse that you have to keep on kicking? Perfect! Junior has his own motor with a great paced walk to keep up with those gaited horses too! You name it... Fast water crossing, steep drop-offs, fallen branches, debris, logs, bridges, gullies, ravines, and creek beds. He is no stranger to wildlife, gunfire, barking dogs, cattle, ATV’s, advertisement banners, heavy traffic, loud commotion, etc.

He will carry a tarp, a flag, drag a barrel, ride double, ride bareback AND bridleless -  the list could go on. This guy is that nice – He is incredibly sound and requires zero maintenance or prep. Literally turn him out for a month during cold season, bring him up the next and watch him ride off gentle as the day you left him.  Junior could easily go off and make a solid mounted patrol, search and rescue, rodeo pick up, or drill horse. Although we would love to find him another family setting as he deserves all the cookies & attention!  Load him up and find a new trail- he LOVES to go on new adventures.  Junior is incredibly gentle and quiet as they come. He has no buck, rear, cold back, bite, kick, crib, weave, etc. Junior has zero vices, he is a good boy, and a solid citizen. Sound sound sound….and barefoot! He sells with an extensive clean PPE on file, with clean x rays, for you to view.  If you are looking for a best friend in a horse, he is just that and more.  No gimmicks or tricks up his sleeve- just an honest, gentle, forgiving, and patient gelding. He will happily pack around a smaller child or a frail/older rider. He can live inside the barn or outside, he loads, ties, bathes, clips, gets along wonderful in a herd setting, can pony others, and is easy to catch! He is a total lover boy, easy on the eyes, and a dream horse at that…  Current coggins and he just had his teeth floated by my equine dentist. This horse was barefoot for many years and can go barefoot, but he is currently shod as we have been doing a lot of rough terrain trail riding with him. Located in Terrell, TX. Shipping available to any state- contact for a quote today.

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