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Jet Smooth Olena

2005. 15.2H. AQHA. Mare.

$5,000 - SOLD to the cutest 8YO girl!!

“Missy” is a reliable, quiet, and SAFE mare for any rider to enjoy. She has put in countless miles/hours on a working ranch checking fences, and being a great babysitter and confidence booster for the owner’s children. Ride her once a week, or once a year – she is the same horse every ride! Missy is the perfect first horse, or guest horse for any family to enjoy. Missy is a big and beautiful AQHA registered mare, standing a solid 15.2H, she was born in 2005.  This girl is wider than a Mack truck, and has the substance/bone to last a lifetime.  If you are looking to sit back and enjoy the ride, Missy is Ms. Steady-Eddie for you! She is an incredible trail horse, quiet and well-mannered all the way around. We hauled this mare out to ride downtown and she didn’t take a wrong step. She is not spooky, not jittery/nervous, and offers a point n shoot, one hand neck rein on the trails! She easily navigates over bridges, over fallen branches, walks through water, and over hills. There isn’t a trail obstacle out there that she won’t cross! With tarps flapping, flags waving, or traffic driving by rest assured Missy will take care of you. She quickly became a favorite and "top pick" of the barn, with her willing and easy handle. Missy has a solid brain and has absolutely no bad habits. She has not offered to buck, rear, bolt, kick, crib, bite, weave, etc!  She rides bareback, double, you can slide off her rump or cartwheel off her side. We can’t find a single thing that she is bothered by, she takes everything in stride with her “been there done that” personality! She will thrive in a family atmosphere where he can be doted on by kids, getting lots of horse cookies and attention.  Missy stands quiet for mounting, saddling, bathing, vet/farrier, etc. Easily loads onto the trailer, and is a good girl off property in new environments. Missy has been looked over by my chiropractor and his remark was “one of the most solid horses I’ve seen in awhile”! Missy recently had her chart up to date, she had her teeth floated by my dentist, shots done, coggins, and feet trimmed. Easy keeper, no maintenance, no soundness issues. She is ready to become the next member of your family.  Located in Terrell, TX. Affordable nation-wide shipping is available.

*Update 8/31 - upon further evaluation, this mare does have a few melanomas which are clinically insignificant and do not affect her motion or soundness.. Due to this finding we have slashed her price from 8k to $5,000 OBO.  If you are looking for a confidence booster for the family, and don't mind a few cosmetic blips here is your chance to snag a great deal on a SOLID family/trail/ranch horse.

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