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Heir To Prince

2008. 14HH. POA. Gelding.

Sells @ June 24th - July 4th! 

“Prince” is the cutest, most versatile, and fun POA gelding!

Standing an even 14HH, this 2008, leopard registered gelding is just a chunk! Check him out in the videos, we surely had fun with this one!! He can literally do it all; from trail riding, to Pony Club, giving lessons, rides English, western, jumps, carries the flag, rides in a war- bridle bareback, and goes in Parades! Prince has been shown locally, and would be a fantastic 4-H level pony or a jam-up playday pony for a youth kid who wants to step up- while not being too hot/stupid! Prince has seen the sights, he has been to tons of rodeo arenas, horse show grounds, chuck wagon races, Parades, Fort Worth Stockyards, and has been rode at the park. He has been exposed to drones, strollers, cattle, traffic, loud noises, fire, tarps, flags, dogs, tractors etc! Prince is brave, gentle, and a point and shoot kinda ride.

He is the PERFECT height for any adult or youth to ride! He has enough size and training for older kids as well as adults to enjoy him. His expressive and willing attitude is just precious to boot! Prince always has his tiny ears perked forward, he does not have a mean bone in his body, and has the heart the size of Texas! Prince collects into the bridle, rides on a loose rein or on contact, has a good neck rein, stops on whoa, side passes, pivots, picks up his leads, and has an auto flying lead change! He LOVES to jump, and is confident to the fences. Prince is a happy boy on the trails and goes through water, over bridges, logs, ravines with ease! You can rope, and drag a log off him (and he will handle like a big horse!). He is sure footed on a loose rein & loves a good adventure! He would make a cute Pony Hunter or Cross-Country pony! There is not a single place where he won’t go – he once followed me up the steps into my tack room—that is how willing he is! He stands quiet for mounting, is easy for the vet/farrier, and has no stall vices (he is a corner pooper!). Prince has NO buck/rear/ bolt/naughty behavior. He does not require lunging before riding, just cinch up, hop on and go! No bad pony habits, there is nothing sour about this guy! The only “annoying” vice that I will pin on him (if I am being really critical!) is he can be a tad pushy/fidgety/ a little too much in your pocket on the ground, and can occasionally boredom paw in the crossties.

Prince is inquisitive, intelligent, loves to please, and is a total pet! He would make an excellent addition to any family! He loads, travels with ease, stands tied, clips, you can crawl over and under him – this guy is GENTLE and TOLERANT! He is the perfect balance, right in between a lazy (kick ride) and a forward (whoa ride). Prince is always waiting for the whoa, so he is not a run-away! Prince’s teeth were way overdue, videos show him prior to his recent dental float which was completed 5/10/21, he has a current coggins, and is UTD on farrier. He is SOUND, clean legged, goes barefoot, but is currently shod due to his recent voyage to Ft. Worth to ride in the Parade. Prince is a super easy keeper, is a doll to handle, turns out with anyone, and walks straight up to you to be caught. He will do best wearing a long fly mask in the Summer to protect his face from the Sun in the Summer. Ponies with good brains are hard to find, this one sure is worth his weight in gold and is absolutely cute to boot. Prince is located in Terrell, TX. Shipping can be arranged affordably to any state.

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