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Heart Azure

15.1H. 2013. AQHA. Mare

$13,500 - SOLD!

“Classy” is just that – everything about her just oozes with style and sophistication.  What a rare find – a 2013 AQHA registered jet-BLACK mare with BRAINS and undeniably good looks. You will not find a prettier or more elegant mare – seriously, this mare is jaw dropping gorgeous in person! She has a personality to match her looks, and she surely rides just as nice!

Classy stands right at 15.1H, she has GREAT legs, feet, and is so balanced with poise and beauty.  She carries herself correct, light, soft, and has the biggest heart. She is incredibly talented in the bridle and wants to be an athlete. This intelligent mare is sweet and straight forward. She is lovely to trail ride on and can go out alone or in a group. She is traffic safe, carries the flag, has been roped off of/drags the barrel, and you can flap a tarp all around her. Classy isn’t a deadhead, she is very sensible, and is not spooky.  She confidently went through all our obstacles like a boss, and was a good girl when we took her off property.

Classy has been started with a strong western dressage foundation, she has been patterned around the barrels, been lightly roped off of, and has been hauled off property. Classy goes in a snaffle or a small shank bit softly. She steps into the bridle, collects, and is supple. You can adjust her stride, she goes off your seat bones, has a started flying lead change, counter bend, side passes, turn on the forehand, backs softly, good whoa, and will neck rein.

Whether you are looking for a new adventure out on the trails, or want a fun arena horse – Classy is versatile to wear many hats! She is pleasant and never argues when being asked to cross water, bridges, over logs, and down gullies. She is really sure footed and rides confidently off property.  Can’t ride regularly?  No problem! Classy is a proper lady, she never freshen ups and is honest as a day is long.

I would love Classy to find a western dressage program, or a trail rider that will spoil her with all the cookies! She really likes to be in your “pocket” always listening and learning. She has a big enough motor to do the drill team /Grand Entry gig – she surely looks beautiful holding that Texas flag! Finish her out and she is certainly quick enough to make a wicked all-around rodeo mount – goats, barrels, breakaway, poles. She is gentle, quiet, yet athletic enough to make someone a NICE performance horse whichever direction you want to take her.

Classy craves a job, a person, someone to bond and be “hers”. We know someone is going to adore this sweet gal – she will be your everything. If you like the affectionate kind, and seek horses as a healing touch and therapy – you need this girl! Classy loads easy, easy to catch, stands quiet tied, loves grooming time, and has the BEST ground manners. She stands for mounting and is a good girl for the farrier. This mare has NO vices – she has never offered to buck/rear/bolt/kick etc. This is NOT your typical “Piggish” mare! She keeps a tidy stall, and is not aggressive in a herd. We have her on night turnout, to preserve her glossy black coat during this TX Summer. Her teeth have been done by our licensed dentist, she has a current coggins, never injected, never taken a lame step, no health issues, and an easy keeper. I have not found a single blemish on her. She has great black feet, and is shod on all 4 currently, could go barefoot. This is a really nice mare - someone is going to land their dream horse! Classy is located in Terrell, TX. Shipping available nationwide.

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