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Haileys Spirit Walker

2015. 16.2H. APHA. Gelding.

SOLD for 23k to NJ!

What a Dream Boat!

Maximus is 16.2 hands of pure handsome goodness. With a unique grullo tobiano color and his solid/big stature – he surely is the talk of the town. Registered with APHA, it is not every day that you see them made in this complete flashy package. Max’s charismatic personality matches his versatility, movement, and eloquence.  If I haven’t said it already, I’ll say it again…this gelding is absolutely b-e-a-u-t-i-f-u-l, and he knows it!

There is no better way to put it, but Max thinks he is a big gentle puppy-dog. He will happily follow you around, he is loyal, eager to please, and so affectionate. This puppy-dog like gelding wants to be the center of attention – he lives for people to admire and shower him with love and grace. His baby-doll eyes invite you to fully indulge with his kind soul. He will stand tied in the cross-ties for hours being groomed, bathed, clipped etc. Max has great ground manners, he loads easy, and is a gentleman for the farrier/vet! A huge “people pleaser” and an old soul.

Max loves to hit the trails – he will cross water, navigate over fallen bridges, across bridges, and is very sure footed across rocky terrain and embankments. Max is surely a steady-eddie kind of dude and gentle in each and every way. He goes with the flow and is happy to do anything you have in mind. He has seen deer, cattle, ATV, and has ridden in traffic downtown. The train came blaring by in town and he was handled the loud commotion like a pro. We even shot a gun around him! Load him up and hit the trails for some fun adventures – you will catch eyes wherever you go!  

Max’s gaits are ultra- comfortable and smooth. He offers a stretchy adjustable trot and a beautiful canter. He shows promising potential as a dressage mount, as he happily goes into a lovely frame.  He is happy to live in your backyard and be pampered daily with attention and cookies and take you trail riding around your neighborhood or farm. He can also live in a boarding barn /program too and has good stall manners (corner pooper). Max gets along wonderfully with other horses and does not have a mean bone in his body. I taught this gelding to lay down in a weeks’ time, which makes for easy mounting if you don’t have a mounting block handy! He is incredibly smart and loves to learn new things. Max has even done a little fox-hunting; he has a big brave jump & is used to dogs running all around him!

Max is always the first to greet you at the fence for a carrot and a neck scratch. On a hot day you may catch Max splashing around in the pond – or hanging out with the other horses under a big shade tree. He is such a character and a real goof-ball. We have tried to keep him stalled during the day to preserve his beautiful dark grullo coat from being sun-bleached.  

If you love a sweet, loving, and kind gelding that adores to be doted on – Max is eager to meet you and become your best friend! He is so easy to get along and connect with. Standing out with size, color, and personality is just the added-on brownie points. He has been in our program for 7 months now.  Buy with confidence – Max has been fully vetted, up-to-date on shots, recent dental, chiropracted, current on dewormer, and farrier trimming. Max sells 100% sound and clean legged. He goes great barefoot, and does not need shoeing or any special care/maintenance.   Max is located in Terrell, TX. We can coordinate shipping to any state. He has had the BEST care to say the least, and is ready to be welcomed into your barn.

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