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Frazier Otoe Doc

2003. 14.3H. AQHA. Gelding


“Frazier” is a classic punchy ranch gelding! He is very well accustomed to all aspects of a working ranch.  Frazier is wide as he is tall, standing a solid 14.3HH. Born in 2003, he has some of the oldest and greatest foundation lines in his lineage. This gelding is built to last a lifetime, with solid feet and bone. He is incredibly sound and healthy. Geldings like this, that are well taken care of, can easily work into their upper 20s! Frazier is incredibly seasoned, been there done that, and uncomplicated. He KNOWS his job, and knows a long day’s work. He has been used to gather, sort, tag, doctor, snub, and drag calves to the branding pit. He will check fence lines all day long, and is incredibly cowy. When he walks past a cow he will pin his ears and push up on them. Frazier has been team sorted off of, and is super fun and catty to work! He has the step up to rope/catch a cow in the pasture and is strong at the horn. This guy has a ton of heart, and does not give up. Frazier is a working horse; he isn’t suitable for a beginner or a timid rider. There is no buck or silliness to him, and even with extreme time off he stays gentle! Frazier has a sweet but reserved personality; he can be weary of strangers but once he knows you, he will be your best friend. Frazier bridles up good, knows his leads, pivots, works a gate, and will ride one handed. He carries a flag, will drag logs/tarps, and is not spooky. Frazier rides great out in the pasture, alone or in a group, and has a good paced walk. Sure footed on the toughest terrain, rain or shine. He will cross water, logs, bogs, bridges, brush, down timber, and will ride down in gullies.  No lunge prep needed, get on and go. No bad habits/vices. UTD on all care. Frazier is barefoot (great feet), has no known health/soundness issues, has a current coggins, papers/transfer in hand. He is an easy keeper and stays to himself in the pasture (low guy on totem poll). He will do anything you need him to do on your working ranch. Frazier is located in Terrell Texas. Shipping to ANY state is available, at an affordable rate. PPE welcome, at your expense.

For inquires please call/text Lily at 214-449-8028, or send us an email! 

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