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Flying J Twister

2010. 15.3H. AQHA. Gelding.

$3,500 - SOLD

 Budget friendly gelding with full transparency! 

Gorgeous 2010 AQHA registered 15.3/16H grullo gelding looking for his next person. Twister is a huge sweet heart! He is kind, tolerant, gentle, extremely personable, and will greet you at the gate every time. This big gelding is client owned, and was a trusty kids packer for many years for a Louisiana family. Prior to that, he was a ranch using gelding. Twister has packed many kids around the ranch. He is the perfect size for a husband type horse to mosey down the trail, and is gentle as a kitten on the ground. He is easy to catch, loads/unloads, travels great to new places, and stands quiet to tack up. He will go through the obstacle course like a seasoned vet and loves riding outside. Walks thru water, over bridges, steps over logs, and will handle any terrain with style. Somehow the roping/dragging of the log footage didn’t get added into his sale video but he handled the rope like a seasoned veteran and did not care when that rope pushed on his hip. He is no stranger to cattle, deer, and other wildlife. You can carry the flag and flap the tarp ALL over him – this guy does not look to spook. He has been used a bit in a lesson program and is patient with a learning rider. Twister is extremely smooth and has the nicest lope to sit. He has a simple neck rein and a great basic handle on him.

On a cold brisk morning I would lunge this guy around for a few minutes before swinging a leg over him, as he can be a little humpy fresh out of the pasture when you ask him to lope. He has not offered to buck, rear, or bolt under saddle with us. He recently had his teeth floated by our equine dentist, a chiropractic adjustment, and is shod in a regular steel shoe.

Unfortunately, this gelding is not sound on the right front. Despite our best efforts with therapeutic maintenance, he is still off. This gelding has no evidence of navicular, and the culprit for lameness is likely a soft tissue injury. Owners’ kids have moved onto to other hobbies, and he would like to find him a good home. Kick him out to pasture and let him heal up, or ride him around the farm as is. We make no guarantees to his future prognosis. Will release all x rays, vet documents, and trot footage to a SERIOUS interested party. He is priced accordingly. Twister is located in Terrell, TX. Shipping available nation-wide.


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