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2011. 16.3H. Clydesdale. Mare

$10,000 -SOLD!

 If safety is your number 1 priority, then you need this really cool draft mare! 

“Fiona” is practically an oversized lap dog. Incredibly affectionate, gentle, FAMILY safe, and husband approved. Fiona is a beautiful, BIG, 16.3H, 2011 Clydesdale mare that will take you down ANY trail safely. Her comfortable gaits will have you floating on a cloud as soon as you swing a leg over her! She's the kind of horse that has never met a stranger, and will always happily greet you at her pasture fence. She has checked all the boxes for mounted patrol, been vaulted off of lightly, supposedly driven, used as a therapy/family/husband horse- this draft mare literally does it all.

She is traffic, drone, tractor, tarp, flag, siren, smoke-bomb safe. Probably the closest to bombproof as you will ever find. You can ride her anywhere and everywhere! Fiona crosses water, over bridges, steps over logs, watches her footing over different terrain, treks into gullies, and goes up ramps/sidewalks! She is great in the arena, walk trot canters, backs, picks up her leads, and will side pass a little. She has gone in the side reins some, as an introductory to vaulting too!

Fiona has a personality the size of Texas, and she is always looking for attention. She can be safely handled by ANYONE – her respectful ground manners are what set her apart from other excessively large horses. Fiona ground ties, cross ties, ties to the trailer, good for the farrier/vet, picks up her feet, LOVES bathes, loads into the trailer, easy to saddle/bridle, and stands quiet to mount. Fiona has ZERO vices; no buck rear bolt kick spook bite etc! I can’t see her hurting a fly- she is just such a good girl! You can climb all over and around her safely, while she falls asleep. You can hop on her bareback in a halter and give pony rides to all the kids, slide off her butt, and ride her double. I can easily see her riding in the Christmas parade each and every year and becoming the crowd favorite! She would suit any family who wanted a gentle, loving, and super cool horse to pleasure ride on. Or, a larger man/woman who wants to weekend trail ride or go on 3rd flight fox-hunt! Fiona has gone through some of the mounted patrol trials, which she passed with flying colors. She comes with all her, included tack including; beautiful like new 16” custom padded trail saddle by Circle Y Julie Goodnight($3,000 new), halter/lead, girth, bit (she goes in a full cheek snaffle) and bridle!

She is PSSM N/N, UTD on teeth(on file by my licensed dentist), vaccines, and farrier. She is barefoot, has clean legs, good feet, easy keeper, and no injuries. If you do a lot of rock/pavement riding she would benefit from front shoes as she is tender on the rocks. Here in Texas, she is sensitive to the bugs, a fly sheet/fly spray help her tremendously during bug season. She has been in my barn about a month, and has been very easily manageable with little/no itchiness. She has been receiving immunotherapy, through Spectrum Allergy which has helped her tremendously. Fiona does receive these allergy shots each month (specially formulated for her through Spectrum Allergy). She will come with a supply of these allergy shots for the next few months to finished her series. Once she finishes the series of these shots, she should be good to go. However, may require a maintenance dose every now and then if you live in bug haven.

This is a really cool mare – you will fall in love with everything about her (Even her Justin Bieber forelock!)! If horses are your therapy- Fiona will be your daily dose of happiness. Owner has decided to shift their focus, and is selling out of horses. They have had their beloved Fiona for a few years now, and would love to find her another loving family. Fiona is located in Terrell, TX. Shipping can be arranged to any state!

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