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Fancy Blue Dash

2009. 15.1H. AQHA. Mare.

$15,000 - SOLD to Canada!

Are you in the market for that barrel horse that will stop the clock and put you at the pay window each and every time?!  You have been looking and your search is now over – meet “Cinder”, a beautiful dapple grey, fancy, broke 2D mare.  Now that I have your attention take a minute to watch her video! For anyone that knows me knows how I like my horses b-r-o-k-e, b-r-o-k-e, b-r-o-k-e!  Cinder will stay soft in the face, collect into the bridle, side pass, counter arc, and has excellent body control all in just a simple snaffle & split reins. She is a free runner and is extremely light in the face. Cinder has current stats & videos to back her. This mare is currently in shape, being hauled, and is consistently clocking. Yes, you heard that correct. This mare is a SOLID, CONSISTENT, and is clocking in the 2D at super shows. Cinder is very sound, no current abnormal maintenance, and requires no pre race prep. She has no alley way issues but can get on the muscle before race time.   Easy to load in a trailer and eats/drinks well on the road. Everyone that has walked past this mare has complimented on her poise, friendly attitude, and beauty. This will be too much horse for a beginner – if you like a high caliber free runner, this is the horse for you. This is a VERY nice mare folks. A ton of fun to ride & run – you’ve just got to have her in your trailer.

Some stats including but not limited to:

- September  3rd, 2015 ANHA ShootOut Waco TX -50th in the 2D  with 600++ runners. ran a 17.771.

- Jan 17, 2016    4th in the 2D 16.966 

- Sep 2nd 2016  ANHA Waco TX Shootout  14th in the 2D 18.120 2   with 250+ runners  

- 27th in the 2D 16.022

-August 13th 2017 17.006 3D- $523

-September 5th 2017 Wades Arena   5th  2D 17.275

-September 19th 2017 3rd in 2D 17.007

Contact Lily Bragg: 214-449-8028.

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