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2016. 14.1HH. Grade QH. Gelding.

$8,500 - SOLD in 3 days! 

ATTENTION: Moms and Dads, is SAFETY your number ONE PRIORITY? Do you want a sweet, well-broke, been there- done that, gentle pony/horse to teach your little one in confidence? Your search ends here.

EXTRA SUPER COOL is a pony/horse that can DO IT ALL!  Affectionately known around the barn as “Extra”, this special gelding was born in 2016, stands 14.1HH, and is a grade Quarter Pony/Horse.  I have personally known this gem for a few years now, as he is owned by some good friends. Their young daughter has done a fantastic job desensitizing, training, and transforming him into the unicorn he is today! He is often referred to as the mini Reiner pony, by this style and poise around the arena. Extra carries himself naturally low headed, he has a punchy slide stop, and has a started turn around! You could add some more buttons (or polish his existing one), and show him in the reining/ranch riding, or turn him into a fantastic all-around rodeo mount. Extra would make a SUPERB breakaway horse, this guy can DRAG his butt in the dirt.  At home, he has been well started around the barrels/poles but has only been exhibitioned at a handful of races. Maybe you want to take him in the English route? He has been lightly started over cross rails too! Options and opportunities are endless for this gelding.

Extra is SO tolerant of all kiddo shenanigans, he takes everything in stride. From riding him through the sprinklers to cartwheeling off his rump – he is so willing to please! After a long day at school he is right there waiting at the gate for you to get off that school bus and give him kisses. His girl frequently would hop on him in the pasture with nothing on/around him and he would happily pack her around. Extra has a super playful personality, he loves to hold the water hose and drink from it.  He gets along great with other horses, and is happy living inside the barn or in a herd  pasture setting.

“Extra” has had all his ground work done, he is respectful on the ground and under saddle. He loves to do liberty with his girl and enjoys all the attention he can get. He is as broke of a pony as you will find, all you need is a string around his neck! Collect him up into the bridle, or turn him loose and ride him on a draping rein. He knows his leads, backs soft, pivots, side passes, and works a gate!  Extra is never hot or nervous, he rides calm and collected- EVEN after you run a pattern, he will come right back to you and slide stop. Extra carries the flag, drags barrels, you can swing a rope off him, and flap a tarp all around him without him giving a care in the World!  He is the SAME horse every ride, that is whether you ride him 5X a week or 5X a year! NO cold back nonsense!

Did you say you were looking for an experienced TRAIL BLAZER? Mom/Dad rest assured; this one has countless trail miles logged! He is a gentleman on and off the property. There isn’t anything that this guy wont cross and meander his way over. Streams, gullies, fallen branches, and bridges are no difficult task for Extra! We even took him into town and Sonic to ride around, and he never once spooked. Trail riding is something that his owner’s family never took lightly; they always had the trailer hooked up, with him loaded in it. Mainly because he is the easiest one to get on/off of and to work all the gates. Really though - Extra is super solid on all different types of terrain. He is not only super sure footed on the trail but he is a BLAST to ride. He is trustworthy to go out alone OR with a group.   

Overall, I am really pleased with this guy. The only negative thing I can pin on him is I wish he was 16H for me to keep for myself (LOL)! Extra is incredibly cute, super fancy, and mind-boggling gentle. He has the sweetest temperament, and does not have a single mean bone in his body. Extra does not have any vices or tricks up his sleeve, he is a point and shoot kind of ride. Any task you may have he can easily do. As you can see from the videos, this guy is incredibly honest, there isn’t anything you can’t throw his way. Extra has a ton of heart and try, he has never offered to buck or rear a day in his life. Extra would be suitable for a petite adult rider or a kid. Riders in the video range from 5’6”-5’8”. He would easily work for a wide range of riders as he is gentle enough for a beginner, but fancy enough for a more advanced rider to have fun on.

Owners daughter has sadly outgrown him, and she has decided it is time that he be enjoyed by another young cowgirl/cowboy.  Extra has a current coggins, is current on shots, trimming, and dewormer.  Recently, we had him chiropracted and had his teeth floated by our wonderful equine dentist.  He is super sound barefoot, but could go shod as well depending on your terrain. YOU will NOT find a nicer pony with his temperament, soundness (physical/mental), age, and ability.

PPE’s welcome, at your expense. He is available till p a i d in FULL, we no longer hold horses.  Of course,  Shipping is available nationwide. Extra is located in Terrell, TX.

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