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15.2H. 10/11yo. Grade Quarter Horse. Gelding.

$25,000 - SOLD in 2 days

Doesn’t get anymore versatile then this guy!

“Elvis” is true to his name with his good looks, charisma, and sensible personality. This grade black quarter horse gelding stands a solid 15.2HH and ages to be 10/11 years old. Working the rough terrain on a Ranch in West Texas under the same owner for 8 years, Elvis has all the exposure/experience one could possibly get. Exemplifying all facets of a working ranch gelding, Elvis is the epitome of a tried-and-true SOLID horse. We are honored to have such a nice gelding in our program, and feel confident he will transition into any home/program with ease.

Elvis performed all aspects on the ranch; pasture roping, dragging calfs to the branding pit, doctoring, snubbing colts in the round pen, working the sale barns, sorting mama’s/babies, and riding across thousand-acre pastures checking fence lines and gathering cattle. Day in and day out Elvis proves his reliability and comfortability. With a good ethic, resume a mile long, and a ton of try, Elvis surely is the #1 pick to ride!  Last year, Elvis and his buddy Johnny both aged out as working ranch horses at their West TX Ranch. They were then both acquired for my program thereafter in December 2022 – during their time here we could not have asked for better!

Settling into their 2nd career, Elvis is loving and learning all about the pampered lifestyle.  He has adjusted to the “boujie” lifestyle quite comfortably  – soaking up all the cookies, treats, snuggles, and extra pampering that we give. He has had his teeth done by our licensed dentist, adjusted by our chiropractor, and has been completely vetted (100% sound & barefoot!), records available upon request. He does excellent in a stall, turns out in a herd well, and comes up to the fence every night to greet us for treats. This guy’s personality has gone from all business to personable in just a 3-month timespan! He truly is such a sweet guy and is loving all the attention!

Whomever started this gelding – my hat is off to them, as this is fanciest/brokest using horse I have EVER swung a leg over.  If you want a broke one – send them out West. They see it all out there and must be so hardy/gritty. These geldings know a long days work and have an A+ Attitude! Elvis works a gate like no ones business, pivots, half pass, two tracks, counter bends, has a flying lead change, side passes, and can comfortably be ridden at all 3 gaits on a draped rein. Elvis is soft in the bridle and collects into a correct frame with ease – which made his transition into Dressage tack with ease! Elvis has a dreamy pitter-patter jog, one you could sit all day! Ask him to move out and he will happily extend into a floating trot. Offering a lovely balanced canter that you can shorten and extend by using your seat, you can lope him out in the field without a worry! If you like an “in tune” horse – one that follows your seat, voice, etc you will appreciate the training on this boy. Elvis comes right back to you and rates off a simple “hum” and shift in the saddle – all on a draped rein without touching his face. Overall, rideability in the arena I give him a 10/10 – this guy is truly fancy-broke, so fun, incredibly willing, and above all else comfortable and safe!


We have had the pleasure of hauling this gelding out ourselves to different ranches to day-work, team penning practices, Thursday night roping practice, various trails, and different covered arenas. This guy is HONEST and the same horse on and off property. He is not one that you “need”  to ride consistently and requires no “lunge prep” – just hop on and go!  He would be suitable as a weekend warrior who wants to haul out and go penning/trail riding on a Sunday. I think you would be very competitive at some of these local ranch horse shows as well as he can do the cow, trail, ranch rail, pleasure, and the pattern classes! Elvis handles walking through water, stepping over tree-branches, navigating through ravines, and over bridges like it is a piece of cake.  Elvis comes equipped with a ton of cow sense – if you are not so cow savvy like me – Elvis will help you! He makes boxing, sorting, and rating on a cow a breeze. As a ranch horse, these horses must be on at the top of their game 100% of the time, meaning they are; focused, alert, sure footed, and watchful of their surroundings. Elvis possess all these characteristics. Elvis has had a job the last 8 years of his life and he knows it well, he is a yes sir/ yes ma’am kind of guy and gives a ton of effort with the task at hand.  He is 100% gentle, kind, and safe -but I am not looking to sell him as a “new to horses” beginner type of mount. If you are comfortable in the saddle and know how to ride – you will love this guy! This is by far the easiest and brokest horse in the barn – and is such a pleasure all the way around.  


Can you believe that this guy has been and currently stands barefoot?! He has GREAT feet (good angles/hard hooves/good sole depth), he has zero blemishes to note on his legs/body, and has no health issues. Elvis has good bone/mass to him. He has never taken a lame step, is an easy keeper, good to catch in a pasture, respectful ground manners, good in a stall, and good around other horses. Stands quietly tied to the trailer/hitching post for hours with his back leg cocked. Loads easy onto any trailer (we do not tie him in the trailer as these ranch horses unload themselves as taught by the day workers).  Not a single vice I can pin on him – truly a wonderful guy and packs a long resume behind him. Elvis is located in Terrell, TX. Shipping to any state can be arranged.

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