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EBR Dulces Playboy

14.2H. 2004. AQHA. Gelding.

$8,500 - SOLD

Everyone loves “Grandpa” – he takes care of anyone you throw on him! This seasoned, 17 year old, 14.2H, registered red roan gelding is truly a treasure. You rarely see names like Freckles Playboy, Smart Little Lena, and Peppy San Badger ON papers anymore – and these names are all up close! If you have small children that are learning the ropes– you need Grandpa! He will take care of your little ones, or anyone who is in need of a confidence boost! He is honest, kind, and genuine in everything that he does.  I don’t have kids myself, but if I did-- this is the gelding I would have in my pasture for them to learn on. He is one of the SAFEST geldings out there on the market today!

Ride him once a year, or once a week, Grandpa is HONEST as a day is long. He has NEVER offered to buck, rear, bolt, bite, kick etc! He has excellent ground manners, has zero vices, and no tricks up his sleeve. He is easy to catch, falls asleep being groomed/ saddling, loads easy onto the trailer, and won’t move a muscle while mounting!  You can fidget all you want in the saddle, adjust your stirrups, move the mounting block closer, fix your reins – all while he hangs out quietly.  Grandpa waits for his next cue, and is never one to get in a hurry. In fact, he is on the lazier/slower side!  Grandpa is BROKE-BROKE-BROKE! You can ride him backwards, bareback, double, in a full bridle, or nothing at all!! Grandpa pivots, stops on “whoa”, neck reins, plow reins, side passes, and lopes off both directions!  You can pony him behind if you have a kiddo that isn’t quite 100% ready to navigate on their own, OR you can pony off him! I am telling you – leave it to Grandpa, he is THE perfect babysitter.

Grandpa is not spooky, hot, or nervous. You can rope and drag a log around, carry tarps, umbrellas, etc. Navigating over fallen logs, over bridges, and through water is a breeze for Gramps. He loves a good trail ride and will pack a beginner rider around anywhere! He was a perfect gentleman and packed my green brother-in-law around at McDonalds/ Town and he didn’t make a wrong step. Even with cars honking and weaving around him, Grandpa never once raised an eyebrow!

Back in the day, Grandpa was originally started as a cutter, and is super fun in the sorting pen! When he locks onto a cow – sit back and let him do the rest! He could go on and do a few sorting’s a year  - but I would prefer to find a more laid back home for him…. One where he teaches the kids to ride, or packs an old lady/man around the Ranch! If you need to bring the cows up from the back pasture, he is happy to do the job.

He is an older gelding that requires some minor maintenance.  Grandpa wears front shoes, he receives Platinum Performance Complete Joint Supplement, with a previcox pill daily.   He is a super easy keeper and can be turned out with anyone – low man on totem poll!  Overall, I have nothing but great things to  say about this guy…. He has a wonderful disposition, is kind, broke-broke, so seasoned, and so quiet! A little previcox a day is nothing but an insurance policy for peace of mind knowing your precious cargo is safe.  

Grandpa just had his teeth floated by our licensed dentist, and has been adjusted by our chiropractor! He has a current coggins, new shoes, and is ready to find his forever home! Loving, 5 star home is a MUST – I will be selective with where he goes. This gelding deserves the absolute best –where he will be appreciated and pampered! He is truly worth his weight in gold.  Grandpa is located in Terrell, TX – shipping can be arranged anywhere.

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