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2008. 14.3H. Grade QH. Gelding.

$10,000 - SOLD in 2 days!

“Dutton” is a classic palomino ranch QH gelding! It’s as if he walked straight out of an ole Western movie. This 14.3H stout, grade, 2008 model, is shedding out and turning more golden each and every day. He turns golden in the Summertime, has a beautiful white flowy mane/tail, and gorgeous high stockings! This guy is the PERFECT size! He gaits are smooth as butter, and he offers a great 1 hand neck rein. He will also collect into the bridle two handed, back softly, turn around both ways, move off leg, and work a gate! Dutton sorts, tracks, and moves cattle on the ranch and offers a great flat footed walk to check fences on. Dutton will go out alone or with a group, he is easy to get up and go, and will rate back with ease.  Dutton slide stops on whoa, has a great extended trot, sitting trot, and extended lope. He would make a brilliant Ranch Rider/Versatility/ or trail horse!  He is such a fun horse to lope out in the big field on a loose rein too. He does have a motor to him when asked, and would do well in the speed events or even drillteam! Teach him how to rope, and I could see him making a jam up breakaway or heel horse as well!

Dutton isn’t spooky, but he isn’t a dead-head / plug either. If you like one to have some life, and get up/go, that’s also uncomplicated and reliable to have fun on- Dutton is the man for the job! Dutton has NEVER offered to buck/rear/bolt etc. He does fine with time off, will not freshen up, and gets along great in the pasture herd. He does not crib, weave, pace, kick etc. Zero vices, no issues, or tricks up his sleeve. He handled riding downtown like a PRO, and was a gentleman riding thru the Sonic even with cars honking driving by. Dutton never blinked an eye when we asked him to cruise through our obstacle course; he walked over the bridge, through the “jungle” (vines), stepped over the logs, and loved the teeter-totter! Dutton handles any terrain with ease, he will walk through water/puddles, ponds, and will be sure footed down and across gullies. We love how willing, and forward this boy thinks – there isn’t a single thing he has refused on! Dutton has a lot of heart and try, he aims to please, and is so kind in everything that he does. There isn’t a single sour thing about him, no attitude or behavioral problems. He has been owned by the same person for 5 years now, so he has not been passed around.

Dutton recently had his feet trimmed, he is sound barefoot, easy keeper, loads, backs out of a trailer, ties, bathes, stands for mounting etc. No history or soundness or health issues. Dutton recently had a dental float by my certified equine dentist, and has a current coggins. When I think of an olden day Cowboy horse- I think of Dutton! He surely is a hardy type of ranch gelding that will go all day long with his ears up. He is located in Terrell, TX and can be shipped anywhere in the Country affordably.

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