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Dolly Parton

2016. 14.3H. Grade. QH. Mare


They don’t come any prettier than “Dolly Parton”, with her golden palomino coat, and white glistening mane/tail, she is surely the prettiest mare in the barn & she knows it!

No different from the real Dolly Parton, Dolly is honest, kind, beautiful to boot, and incredibly showy! She stands 14.3HH, and is a Grade QH, who is refined, and extremely feminine. She is safe, reliable, calm, and quiet out on any trail environment. Same horse every time, whether you only want to ride once a year or once a week! Very few horses earn the title of “Beginner safe/Confidence booster”, and Dolly wears hers with pride. With her simple neck rein, she will take care of, and babysit any rider on the trail or arena! Dolly has been on more trail outings than one could count! She is traffic safe, seen all sorts of wildlife, been exposed to cattle, and goes through any obstacle found on the path. She is very sure footed on the trail, navigates down embankments, jumps over small branches, walks over bridges, and crosses puddles/ponds with ease! Nothing seems to faze or excite her; dogs barking, tractors, plastic bags, ATVs, she carries a flag, drags tarps, rides in parades etc! The kids run out to the pasture and jump on her bareback, and ride her through the front sprinklers, or run up and down the driveway playing tag, and on a hot summer day will often take her swimming in the stock tank for a quick refreshment! She is definitely one of those tried-and-true horses that mom never has to worry about! Always remaining gentle, and unbothered by the shenanigans! She prefers to walk on a loose rein, happy in the front or the back of the pack, and will go out alone confidently. I would consider her to be push ride, she is no speed demon, and is definitely not the fastest horse in the barn! You won’t have to beg her to go, and you surely won’t be pulling on the reins asking her to whoa the entire ride either! This non-spooky, calm, and drop-dead-gorgeous mare is youth safe, gentle, and tolerant. Kids of all ages have climbed all over her, while she has stood dead quiet, not moving a step! Dolly could go English or Western, she has very smooth gaits that are comfortable to ride.  Dolly knows her leads, has a good stop, backs up, neck reins, and will collect into frame as well! She would make a beautiful drill team, Grand Entry, 4H, or Parades horse. Use her as a trail horse, or leave her for the guests to ride when they are in town. Zero vices, no cold back/buck, rear, bite, bolt, crib, weave etc! This mare is easy and uncomplicated to handle, ride, and be around!

A mare lover is a must –Dolly knows she is a fine-looking lady; she loves to showcase her goods to all em’ boys! For lack of better words, Dolly is a tramp. She is an angel under saddle, and exhibits no “naughtiness” or “moodiness”, but is incredibly showy in her personal life whilst turned out in the pasture. She acts like she is always in heat, and to keep her showiness at bay, owners have kept a hormone implant under her neck.  You can choose to let it dissolve over time and let her be au naturel- or, have it reinserted! We have not had any major mare-ish issues with her whilst being in our care.

Dolly recently had her teeth floated by my certified equine dentist, she also has a current coggins on file, and was recently trimmed. She is (Barefoot!) sound, clean legged, and is an easy keeper.  She loads, ties, easy for vet/farrier, and is respectful on the ground.  She poops in the back, and keeps a very tidy stall. Any family would love to have this golden heiress in their pasture.  Dolly is located in Terrell, TX – shipping can be arranged to any state.

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