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Docs Ole Paseos

2011. AQHA. 14.2/14.3H. Gelding.

$10,000  - SOLD in 4 days!

Quite arguably the prettiest sorrel gelding you will ever lay eyes on! “Fletch” is a classic and has all the shape one could want on one! He has old King bloodlines and foundation names on his AQHA papers. Fletch stands between 14.2-14.3HH and was born in 2011. This gelding is such a tank, with great feet, and clean legs. If you are looking for a reliable BROKE-BROKE gelding, with a laid-back mind – here he is.

Trail riding, ranch using, team penning, family safe, lessons, and all the versatile things – this guy can do it all + more! He even has some experience tracking/roping the dummy, and shows potential as a higher number heeler. With a willing brain, and a quiet disposition anything is possible!  I love honest and kind geldings like Fletch; he rides gentle whether you get on him once a year or once a week, no buck/rear/bolt/spook!

Fletch was originally used on a big ranch; sorting, branding, pasture roping, and checking fence lines. He is a true worker at heart, and will go all day.  There isn’t a single sour thing about him, he just has a great work ethic! He is safe, sane, and so fun to be around.  Wherever you want to go, point him, and he will go! He loads up easy, and travels well. He is traffic safe, ridden at parks, downtown, and off property.  He has ridden at the Palo Duro Canyon, Dinosaur Valley State Park, and the Grasslands (80,000 acres of beautiful trails!!). He crosses water, sure footed across rough terrain, navigates over bridges, and cruises over fallen trees.  Whether you want to camp out on him, use him as a weekend trail blazer, or use him on the ranch daily – he is ready for the job at hand!

Fletch has a great handle; you can guide him with 1 hand or your feet! He spins, side passes, works a gate, picks up his leads, rollbacks, lopes nice circles, etc! He is incredibly COWY and is super athletic/ catty. Fletch has a great whoa, and even rates off your seat. I could see him making a wonderful Ranch Pleasure/ Ranch Rider, barrel horse, or rope horse.

Over Memorial Day weekend, I had some family in town & Fletch was very patient with all the beginner riders. He has been rode by confident kids (with adult supervision) and is very trustworthy. One of the riders even dropped his rein while riding, and Fletch came to an immediate halt till the rider was situated.

  Fletch is SOUND, shod, requires no maintenance, recent dental on file, current coggins, and is an easy keeper. No vices; stalls/pastures well, ties, clips, bathes, loads, good for farrier etc!  He isn’t food aggressive and gets along great with others. Truly the complete package; brains, rideability, conformation, papers, quietness, and work ethic…. And did I mention that he was a total sweetie-pie! I sold Fletch about 6 weeks ago to a family in South Texas.. Here is their testament: 

"You may ask why he is back with Lily.  It was none of Fletch’s doing.
The compatibility with our 5 year old was exceptional.  Fletch would pass us adults up and go straight to her. 
When she rode bareback & tried to adjust her jeans over her boots, he stopped immediately.  Fletch is nothing
but loving and gentle with her. A 14 year old family friend, who barrel races, rode Fletch.  She said he is really smooth, stops on a dime and bends around a barrel nicely. He will make somebody a good horse. We overlooked our granddaughters age and inexperience in this purchase.  Will be waiting a few more years
before we consider another such loving horse." His old owner had him for about a year, but with health issues, he decided to see him move along to another family. 

  Fletch is located in Terrell, TX, shipping can be arranged anywhere.

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