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14-17 YO. 15H. Grade Paint. Gelding.

$15,000 - SOLD in 45 minutes!!

Want the complete package? 

“Delta” is nothing but eye candy, he gets attention everywhere he goes! This BEAUTIFUL, charismatic, and thick boned gelding stands right at 15H, and is wider than he is tall! If you are looking for a SAFE horse, that will take care of you  -- you’ve found him! You will feel like you are floating on a cloud when you are on this boy – he takes smooth to a whole new level! With a simple neck rein, easy handle, fantastic whoa, and quiet “Been there done that” like mentality, he makes trail riding super fun! Prioritizing safety, Delta never hesitates when going through water, over bridges, navigating over fallen branches, and down gullies. In fact, he has been extensively trail ridden down a busy street, and at a local horse trail park here in East Texas! You can take him out by himself, or with friends, and ride in the front or the back of the pack! We took him riding downtown and he acted like the babysitter horse for the others.  He cruised through every obstacle on my course like a seasoned pro, and will carry the flag, and wear the tarp! He is fine with dogs running around him, tractors, 4 wheelers, and cars driving by.

Delta would be suitable for a family horse, weekend pleasure rider, camping/trail blazer, lesson barn, young child, or grandma! He is totally beginner safe, and is the confidence boosting type. He never is hot/jiggy, and will go your desired pace. Just put your hand down, and enjoy the ride! He can power walk down the trails and easily keep up with the gaited horses, but will slow down when asked. He is soft in the bridle, collects, goes one handed, rates off your seat, and moves off leg well. There is not a single vice, or bad habit to him, and he has NEVER offered to buck/rear/bolt/bite/kick! He has respectful manners, can stall, or turn out with friends. Delta is easy to catch, and is very personable. You can turn him out for weeks, catch him, load him up, and take him trail riding all weekend long without a fuss! This guy is simple, uncomplicated, and just a great 2nd horse to have around for your friend to ride along with you! You can crawl all over, and underneath him too. He will stand for hours being groomed, (he has lots of lush mane + tail to brush!) and is a good boy for farrier/vet. No fuss, extremely honest, laid-back, and sweet gelding that is up for arena work or trails any day of the week!

Recently, two separate vets have aged him at 14, but, upon a recent dental float by a licensed dentist – it may seem that he could be older, possibly aging closer to 17. I will give the range of 14-17 for a safe bet, and will let you be the judge. He is a grade gelding, so this is of course an estimate or opinion off teeth.  He has a current coggins, recent dental, barefoot, no health issues, no soundness issues, and he is a super easy keeper! Very clean legged gelding with no evidence of past injury.

We will give special consideration to an older retired person, one that is looking for a best friend to trail ride/pleasure ride on!  He deserves all the attention, cookies, and lovin’s he can get!  I am telling you, there isn’t many like him – and he will go fast!

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