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Darla Jean

2008. 14/14.1H. Paint/PtHA. Mare

$20,000 - SOLD on!

With much grace and pride, it is our honor to offer you such an exquisite mare. “Darla Jean” has been in our program for 5 months, blossoming, and aging like a fine wine. She boasts a distinguished palomino color, incredible eye appeal, fabulous brain, balance, and intelligence. Standing 14.1HH, being born in 2008, her pedigree is unknown but we know she came from excellence.  She has enough poise to impress, and an incredibly kind disposition.

Darla Jean has an incredibly solid foundation in western dressage, but offers promising potential as a regular dressage show mount as well. She is solid at training level -1st level, and is schooling leg yields & shoulder in. She loves to stretch long + low, and has a great forward walk. Darla Jean has a natural aptitude for collected canter, and could earn an amateur their USDF Bronze if she continued developing in a program.  She is polite and responsive to the leg, and light/supple in the bridle (snaffle or ported).

Darla moves cute, correct, and cruises around with ease. She pivots, side passes, rates off your seat, and slides on “whoa”.  Put some more reining training on her and take her to some of the Ranch Riding shows – she is sure a fun and enjoyable little mare.

She has developed over the last 5 months with a talented trainer who specializes in liberty work. Over the last 5 months Darla has thrived and found her “calling” – she loves to work and please her person. She has been trained to bow, lay down, and rides bareback/bridleless. She has a solid foundation, will circle, follow at shoulder at the walk in both the round pen and arena. She has potential to compete in ILHA in both novice liberty and walk/trot bridleless classes.

Outside of the arena Darla is quiet, non -spooky, and will cruise all day long on any terrain. Darla will cross creeks, ponds, over bridges, through tunnels, over fallen branches, and down between gullies. She can easily keep up with the gaited horses as she has a great flat walk. Darla can go out alone OR with a group safely! Darla is brave, bold, and very honest each and every ride.  She has seen drones, strollers, cattle, gunfire, tarps, flags, cars, tractors, ATVs, and rides safe in traffic.  Imagine yourself cantering along the sandy beach, with her stark white silk long mane flowing in the wind, while the sun is setting just below the horizon. Just majestic! 

Darla Jean is eager to learn new things and is such a willing athlete; only getting nicer and nicer with each ride. She has the biggest heart, and has so much try. She is incredibly teachable, and is enthusiastic to learn new things. Darla Jean is highly motivated by cuddles, cookies, and positive reinforcement. This is a gritty mare that will give you, her heart.

Indulge yourself in a therapeutic experience bonding, grooming, and pampering this magnificent mare.  Truly, she is just a unicorn in disguise, and certainly someone’s dream horse. Her luxurious mane + thick tail (yes, that’s 100% her natural tail!) gets shampooed/conditioned/and braided multiple times a month. Darla Jean has even been used in parades, photoshoots, bridal shoots, and is incredibly photogenic. What’s stopping her from becoming a Hollywood MovieStar?! They certainly don’t come in a prettier package!!

Darla Jean has had the very best care, training, and is in fantastic shape. She is incredibly sound and healthy, never injected. She has had a dental, up to date on chiropractic care, coggins, shots, farrier, and deworming. She is an easy keeper, and you wouldn’t even know she’s a mare.  She comes with zero mare attitude – and can happily be turned out with other horses. Darla is easy to catch, she is gentle to be handled by anyone, ties, loads, easy for vet/farrier. Darla has NO bad habits. She is a pampered princess in a stall with fantastic manners – but also loves her pasture time with friends. Darla Jean has no naughtiness, no tricks up her sleeve, no buck/rear/bolt/kick/bite. Not a single corner has been cut with this great mare. She is destined to be something great; whether that is in the liberty, western dressage, or being an old lady’s best friend. She is looking for an owner who seeks a very personable, and affectionate horse. Your chance at owning your very own fairytale horse is just moments away! 


Darla is located in Terrell, TX - affordable nationwide shipping available. 

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