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Gambling In Glitter

2011. 15.2H. 1125#. APHA. Gelding.

$7,500-  SOLD!

Attention avid trail riders, obstacle challenge competitors, and low level dressage riders!!

You’ve been searching high and low and scrolled through about a million sale horse ads for that perfect gelding. That perfect gelding that will stand patiently while you mount from a log on the trail head. That perfect gelding that wont spook or be nervous over tarps, bags, and flags being flung around him.  That perfect gelding that has a smooth trot and soft handle. That perfect gelding that will be your best friend. That perfect gelding that will eagerly and confidently walk through the scariest of obstacles. That perfect gelding that is happy and eager to greet you at the gate. Well, your search is over! Meet “Casino”, YOUR perfect gelding!!

Casino is a super cool, super quiet, and super fun horse to be around. He is SO easy to have in the barn and we have not found anything to faze him yet. He has been a trail/ranch horse for several years and for the last 60 days he has been at a reiners barn getting some fancy buttons installed. Casino will soften and give with very light contact, he will counter arc, side pass, work a gate, move his hind end/ shoulders around, and will collect. He can navigate around one handed and has a great whoa. Casino is a natural on the trail course, and with some more finishing touches I could see him going far in the SHOT/APHA show pen.  

Casino has logged a ton of outside riding miles, and has been exposed to wild turkeys, deer, cattle, tractors, traffic etc.. Casino is never in a hurry to go anywhere, and has a great calm temperament. He is a happy boy every way around and is always pleased to do the job at task. Casino is very user friendly to handle/ride, I believe he would work well with most riders. He has a push style type of ride and is forgiving to a riders mistake. Even with time off he rides honest every ride.

We have ridden Casino English and he is very comfortable, and has a generous floating step and is extremely cute framed up. Casino has jumped cross rails, natural obstacles out on the trails, and has even been lightly roped off of! You can drag a log or a calf off of him and he is strong at the horn. He is super versatile and can wear many hats. Stands quietly by the trailer, loads and hauls well, easy for the farrier/vet. Handles new environments extremely well. Very low maintenance gelding. Low man on the totem poll. Has not presented any bad habits whatsoever. He is sound barefoot, UTD on coggins/dental/shots. Papers and transfer in hand.  Tested, HYPP N/N. This gelding is ready to go.

Please watch all his videos to truly appreciate how amazing this boy is, we had a lot of fun videoing him.


*Affordable, Nation Wide Shipping Available*

Casino is located in Terrell TX.

Please direct serious inquires to Lily Bragg, 214-449-8028.

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