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2006. 15H Grade QH. Mare.

$6,000 - SOLD in 1 day! 

We adore “Brownie”, and for all the same reasons you should too! She takes great care of her cargo, no matter how big or small! Brownie is a grade QH mare, standing 15HH, making her the perfect height for a child or grown adult, and is very seasoned in her 15 years of age. Brownie has been a Girl Scout Kids camp horse most all her life- hence the name! She has been the “Grab n go” trail, lesson, and camp horse that ALL the kids love.  If you are looking for a been there-done that, go with the flow, ultra-laid back, “Stupid Proof” kinda horse- you’ve found her! “Brownie” is ADORABLE – she can go English or Western – trail rides confidently alone or with a herd – AND can ride bareback + double! Brownie is soft, willing, and easy in the bridle. Her comfortable gaits and point and shoot neck rein make her extra fun to ride. Brownie moves her shoulders, haunches, light in the bridle, collects into a frame, pivots, will work a gate, go over bridges, trot over fallen logs, and will walk through water all in a simple snaffle. We have not found anything to startle, excite, or spook her. Her favorite pace is whoa, but will happily walk-trot-and canter upon cue! Even in new environments she remains so calm and reliable. Very few horses have the temperament, kindness, and honesty to make TRUE kids or family mounts; Brownie is one of those rarities. She is so forgiving and easy; whether your non - horsie -dad shoves the halter on backwards, or your 4-year-old nephew accidently crawls underneath her belly. Brownie is that perfect 1st horse any trainer begs their clients to purchase. She is one you never have to worry about, one that can go months without being touched, and ride back up to the barn like she never missed a day.  She is traffic/road safe, has seen/sorted cattle, quiet with flags/tarps/umbrellas, and is unfazed by tractors and 4 wheelers. Whether you want to piddle in the arena or trail ride – Brownie will take care of you.

Brownie has not a single vice, no buck/rear/bolt, no quirks, health, or soundness issues. She loads onto the trailer, easy to catch, stands tied quietly, easy for farrier/vet, anyone can handle on ground or under saddle. She stands barefoot,  recently had a dental (age verified) by a certified equine dentist, has been adjusted by a licensed chiropractor, and has a current coggins etc.

Brownie would love to land herself another home where kids can shower her with attention, cookies, and love for the years to come. She would also be very suitable for a fragile grandma/grandpa that is looking to take it easy with a slower paced lifestyle. Brownie is a gentle old soul who deserves the best! She will put her head down low for all the kisses and cuddles, and is always happy to see you at the fence.  Brownie is located in Terrell, TX – shipping can be coordinated to any state.

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