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Choc Full Of Detail

2010. 16.3H. ApHC. Mare

$4,500 - SOLD to a small breeding farm! Cant wait to see the babies she produces! 

Here is a rare opportunity to buy a proven World and National competitor at a FRACTION of the price!


“Amber” is a beautiful, tall, unique colored, bay varnish roan mare.  She is a VERY accomplished show mare and has a record that can speak for herself. She is an elegant and lovely mover with a to die for finished show handle.  She has shown at the Appaloosa Youth Worlds and NSBA Worlds.  This mare was shown at NATIONAL level with a youth rider and was very accomplished.  Not only has this mare been shown in the Appaloosa horse industry, but, this mare did very well and has a career in the Hunter/Jumper circuit in NM.  She has points in the 2.6” Baby Green Hunters and AA Jumper classes – several Champion, and Reserve Champion wins under her belt.  She has also been shown in the PtHA industry with a youth rider in Hunt Seat Equitation classes. She was shown at the 2015 World Congress Color Breed Show and was Reserve Champion in the HUS 18 and under. Amber is fancy broke and knows flying changes, pivot on the forehand, pivot on the haunches, side pass, gorgeous crisp canter departures, how to collect into a gorgeous soft frame, etc.  Amber is very quiet and I have not found anything to spook her, in the video you will see her standing quiet for the tarp. She has been trail rode a bunch and recently has been introduced to cattle and light day work.  Amber is a seasoned mare and is not fazed by new environments. She rides relaxed and is not a hot horse in my professional opinion. She loads in a trailer, stands in the cross ties, and is easy to catch in the pasture. She is happy out in a pasture and is stalled when the weather is bad.  Amber is a maiden mare, and would produce GORGEOUS well made babies for the Hunters, HUS, or over fence classes. Amber has a gorgeous head, heavily sought after UNIQUE color, and excellent bone and conformation.  Her movement is correct and gorgeous – she floats effortlessly across the arena. Amber would be THE mare to add in your barn to cross on your Hunter stallions.

So, you might be thinking… WOW, this is such a steal. She is!  Please read on,

Here is the full HONEST disclosure about this mare. Yes, you read the price correct. This is a five - figure finished show horse WITH a full show record for the price of $4,500. There has been a lot of deceit, lies, and cover ups about this mare since 2015, starting in a show barn in NM as well as a local horse trader in NM in 2017.  The lies and cover ups stop today, I am going public about the honest truth about this gorgeous show mare.  I cannot stand a liar, and I pride myself and my business with sincerity, honor, and integrity. 

I purchased this mare from a horse trader in NM the first week of November in 2017.  “Amber” was completely mispresented in the sale ad, and when she arrived she was NOT the horse I thought I purchased. She came to me severely underweight and with an awful behavioral issue at which I was lied to about.  She has a behavioral vice; she bucks.  I have done my research, contacted past owners/ trainers, and have pin pointed when she begun this vice. There have been two people in this mares ownership history ( myself included ) that have been LIED to about this mares bucking issue.   I am disgusted with how certain people in the equine industry believe that it is acceptable to lie and cover up an issue like this.

I am a person of integrity and honesty, and again, I will be making a FULL disclosure about this mare, that everybody else is lying about and covering up with drugs and false stories.  I have invested quite a bit of money on dental work, body work, chiropractic, weight supplements, vet work etc. to rule out physical pain. She has been checked head to toe and is sound, to my knowledge in my professional opinion.  As a foal, she received the check ligament surgery and has no issues from it- she has small white scars on her front legs from it. She is currently barefoot, however, when she was jumping I was told by the honest girl who originally started her she wore aluminums on the front.  Photos that have my copyright on them are CURRENT (taken 2/5/18). She is in excellent condition. UTD on all her care, and yes, I have receipts for all her work done in the 4 months that I have owned her.  

Amber will ride very quiet, and will give no prior warning to her bucking. Sometime she bucks sometimes she doesn’t. I have hauled her to a trainer colleague of mine, who works with problem horses,  and she whole heartily believes she can be rehabbed and fixed with time, patience, and consistency.  I have noticed the bucking behavior more in the canter then I have in the walk/trot. However, it is an unpredictable vice. Any trainer or experienced rider can ride it out, myself and my assistants have, but due to this vice she is **not for a beginner rider** and I will be extremely picky about to whom she sells to. I care about the well being of this mare and she either needs to be a broodmare, or completely rehabbed mentally with a PROFESSIONAL. Amber has all the buttons, with a show record to back her, the impeccable breeding, and gorgeous appeal to her. I wish this mare the best and hope to find her the perfect suited home -whether that be as a broodmare, or, with a professional trainer that can help her return to the show pen.  


Papers & signed transfer in hand, and you will sign a full disclosure waiver, along with a bill of sale on this mare when purchased.

Videos produced on 2/5/18, show her in her raw element with no prior lunging. I will provide photos of her past showing / with past owners and will blur out riders faces/ names in respect to protect privacy and identity.


Again, I am a person of honesty and integrity and a FULL HONEST disclosure will be made about this mare.   You are more than welcome to vet this mare out at you expense, pull blood, etc. 

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