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14.2H. 2009. Grade QH/Lusitano. Mare.

$6,500 - SOLD

On a budget, and can’t compete with the ridiculous bidding wars in this volatile market? Skip the auctions, and check out this darling mare! She is priced right, and will go quick!

“Charlotte” is a lovely 2009, 14.2H, Grey QH/Lusitano Grade mare with a ton of expression.  She is gentle, kind, safe, and very affectionate.  She is smooth as glass to sit, incredibly comfortable, with 3 great gaits to do the western /classical dressage with! She will go in a snaffle, collects into frame two handed, some-what neck reins, side passes, pivots, picks up her leads, stops, backs, and is just adorable going around! Her extended trot is just lovely and very adjustable. Charlotte has NO hump up, buck, rear – even with lengthy time off she will always ride up to the barn gentle. Charlotte has been an older lady’s lesson/trail horse for many years. She is a fantastic size for an older person, or someone wanting a smaller ride. Charlotte was great on my obstacle course and cruised through the vines, over the bridge, stepped over the logs, walked by a playground, picnic table, and carried the tarp around like a pro. You can hop on her bareback and she will happily pack you along the pasture. She questioned walking through the pond, and within minutes with encouragement she was loving the water! She offers a comfortable, nice, and forward walk with ears happily perked on the trail as she waits for her next cue. She is pretty laid back/tolerant, but not 100% bombproof as she did spook at a large tree branch laying on the ground and did the “in place startle with ears perked up” – and then proceeded to walk by it like it was never there in the first place. LOL. We have put her through our tests and she has been incredibly forgiving and straight forward. Doesn’t require any lunging prior to riding, no special maintenance, or care requires. Very easy to get along with, and loves grooming time! She has all the basic bells n whistles to be a lesson horse, grandma trail blazer, or low level dressage pleasure mount! She has a sweet personality, gets along well with others, easy keeper, and can easily live at a boarding barn or at home! Stalls well, pastures easy, loads into a trailer, stands tied, quiet for mounting, easy for farrier/vet. In today’s hot market you won’t find another that is sound, gentle, and broke at this price! Teeth have been done by my licensed dentist, current coggins, barefoot (great feet!), no injuries, no soundness issues, and clean legs. Charlotte is located in Terrell, TX. Shipping can be arranged nation-wide.

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