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Bunny Bee Hancock

2011. 15H AQHA. Mare

$8,500 - SOLD!

“Xena” is like a ticking timex – she can take a beating and will keep on going! This gritty, thickly built, 15H, 2011 model, AQHA mare handles any terrain like a PRO! She will climb steep hills, cross water, walk across rocks, cruise over fallen branches, walk down into gullies, and navigate over a bridge with ease. Xena is incredibly cute, with a kind expression, and sweet personality. She doesn’t have a mean bone in her body, and always aims to please.  Good around dogs, cattle, ATVS, tractors, and traffic. She will carry the flag/tarp, handle all sorts of crazy shenanigans, and will drag around a log,  Ride her out alone, or with a group! Xena has a great neck rein, she will ride on a loose rein, or goes around collected in the bridle. Xena has great lateral movement, you can work a gate, pivot, side pass, pick up her shoulders, and soften her face with ease. Xena has no tricks up her sleeve, she is honest as a day is long. This is my go to horse for long trail rides because she is so comfortable on my hips/knees, and has an easy handle!  Never hot/jiggy, she is happy to go your speed! No lunge prep necessary, and no worry about her freshening up on a cooler day! Xena would make a fantastic cowboy dressage horse, drill horse, or ranch rider! With her punchy whoa, ground covering extended trot, and insanely comfortable canter she is a hardy cowboy using horse all the way around. She knows a hard day of work, and is happy to perform ranch chores. Loads, ties for hours, easy to catch, easy to saddle/bridle, good for vet/farrier. This mare is barefoot and has never taken a lame step in her life. Xena isn’t marish, and has zero vices. No buck, rear, bolt, buddy/barn sour, bite, kick etc! She is incredibly healthy, clean legged, easy keeper, and requires no maintenance.  Throw her out with the cows or a herd of horses – this mare has a ranch horse like mentality and is EASY.  Whether you want to take her on some camping trips and explore the trails, or, use her out on the Ranch – she has a terrific mindset for any job you have.  She had her teeth done earlier this year and has a current coggins.

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